Flick of a Switch: How Lighting Affects Productivity and Mood

We all know that light is important. Whether it is natural daylight or bright, clean task lighting; it all affects the way in which we interact with our environment.  This guide to the importance of high-quality lighting will explain why skillfully designed products can have such a big impact.

What Type of Garden Lamps Are In Style Right Now?

When you think of lamp posts, you probably imagine the type of super functional, unembellished illumination used by modern town planners.  This guide to the most popular styles of garden lamp will give you some inspiration and help you pick the right type of lighting for your yard.

What Type of Ceiling Light Is Best For My Kitchen?

The importance of light, within a home, should never be underestimated. It has a direct impact on the functionality and aesthetic of our interior spaces. This is particularly true when it comes to the kitchen, which is the heart of the house for many families. These handy hints and tips will give you some advice on how to pick the perfect ceiling lights for your kitchen. 

How Do I Pick the Perfect Ceiling Light For My Bedroom?

This guide to picking the perfect ceiling light will help you create a bedroom that is as relaxing as it is stylish. 

4 Types of Floor Lamp That Will Look Great in Your Home

This handy guide to some of the most common types of floor lamp will help you pick the perfect one for your home.

4 Things That Homeowners Should Do Before Buying a New Table Lamp

The table lamp is an absolute essential for most homeowners. It is small, delicate, and provides a much-needed contrast to conventional task based lighting.

Either way, before you start shopping, there are some things that you should do to make sure that your purchase is perfect.

How to Shop for Fabulous Dining Room Lighting

These handy tips and tricks will help you shop for fabulous dining room lighting that livens up your home and creates a warm, inviting space.

How to Turn Your Bathroom Lighting from Boring to Brilliant

This guide to making sure that your bathroom lighting is always brilliant (and never boring) will help you create a beautiful interior space.

Designing A Dining Room for the Whole Family

Designing a dining room which can be used by the whole family is key to your home. Meal times can be a fun and important part of the day and making a room suitable for everyone is vital. To be able to enjoy each other’s company, make use of the space, check out these following tips;

The Easy Way to Fit a New Ceiling Light

It is not hard to find high quality ceiling lights. In fact, here at Abbeygate Lighting, there is so much choice on offer that choosing the right one is the tricky part. This guide to fitting a ceiling light will help you get to grips with the basics and make sure that your installation is safe and secure.

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