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Outdoor lighting

From security concerns to simple convenience on dark winter nights, outdoor lights for your home are always a good idea. You’re also much less likely to experience trip and falls if your outside area is well lit. There’s a huge range of outdoor house lights to choose from that will improve the appearance of your home; as well as allow you to make better use of your garden and outside space in the evening.

Whatever your exterior lighting requirements, we can help you find the right outdoor lights for your home. Discover our collection of fantastic outdoor lighting below.

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    Different types of outdoor lighting

    Homeowners install outdoor house lights for a variety of different reasons. Below are some of the more popular types that people choose for their homes.

    Recessed lights: If you want your outdoor lights to be unobtrusive, recessed lights can be a good choice. This smart and contemporary solution can be fitted into ceilings, floors, or walls.

    Flush lights: Flush wall lights are another convenient option for outdoor house lights. They’re also available in a wide range of styles, from bulkhead and modern lights to traditional lanterns.

    Lantern lights: For a more classic effect, hanging or wall-mounted lanterns can add traditional elegance to your home. These are outdoor lights with style.

    Path lights: Paths can be treacherous at night, but there are lots of different ways you can illuminate them. From recessed spotlights to lamp post and pedestal lights, the choice is yours.

    LED lights: If your style is more contemporary, modern LED outdoor lights are a great option. You can light up your outside space and save energy at the same time.


    Checking for outside use

    When choosing lighting for your outdoor space, it is important to check if they are resistant to liquids as this indicates if they are suitable for all types of weather. The IP (Ingress Protection) code on the light will give you this information. It is a two-digit number; if the second number is 4 or above (e.g., IP57), the light is suitable for outside use.


    The versatility of outdoor lights

    Outdoor house lights can be used in a number of different ways, depending on your needs. Your lights can be operated by a simple switch, or fitted with a timer to come on whenever you chose.

    Light-sensitive outdoor timer switches will turn them on automatically as darkness falls. Solar-powered lights are also activated automatically when the sun goes down.

    Many outdoor lights feature motion sensors, which switch them on when movement is detected. This is especially useful for security, and because they’re not on all the time, the lights use less energy.

    If you’re looking for the perfect outdoor lights for your home, Abbeygate Lighting can help. With 40 years of experience behind us, we can offer all the advice you need. Visit one of our showrooms in Bury St Edmunds, Norwich or Felixstowe, or contact us today for information or advice.