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The balance between style and quality is a vital one when purchasing a lampshade, as you want to make sure the product you select enhances the beauty of your room whilst also allowing the right level of light to seep out.

If you are looking for a cheap yet effective way to revitalise a room, a new lampshade is a good option. We have a diverse selection of lampshades for you to choose from, from the classic Azumi Momo Round Shade to the unique Black String Candle Shade. High quality is assured when buying from us, as all lampshades are made to last and ensure your room benefits from the right level of lighting. We have carefully sourced our products from leading brands, such as Elstead Lighting and Astro Lighting, and we’ve worked really hard to cater to all price ranges.  Browse our range to benefit from a stunning lampshade that will add style and character to any home.