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Study lighting

The study is a place to work, read, and often, relax. To get the most out of your study, you want relaxing ambiance without distractions. Study room lighting is a key part of getting this ambiance right. But lighting a study requires a different approach than lighting other rooms in the house. Often, you’ll be working at a desk and from a chair, which means balancing general lighting and localised lighting. That is, balancing your study ceiling lights with smaller lamps on your desk. Thanks to a wide range of study lights, there are lots of ways you can approach this.

Create the Right Ambiance for your Study

We’re a long way now from the era of candles, but this traditional lighting method has some things to teach us about working in the study. The soft light of candles avoids the glare caused by many of today’s stronger lamps. When working at a desk, you want a good localised light source that supports the general lighting, without making reading uncomfortable due to glare.

Dedicated study room lighting is designed with these kinds of issues in mind. Whilst study ceiling lights provide elegant, general overhead lighting, smaller study lamps offer a softer, targeted light source perfect for the desk. With the right lighting, you’ll find working, reading and relaxing in your study easier than before. And nowadays, adjustable switches offer an easy way to create the right ambiance for study.

You need good lighting while you work both practically and to impress clients & guests.

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