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Study lighting

Whether you use your study to work, or to relax after a long day, you need study lights that create a calm environment.

Available in a variety of styles and designed for all kinds of uses, our study lights are known for high-quality materials and stunning craftsmanship. Our great range of products will help you strike the right balance of ambient and directed lighting.

Bring the ambiance of your study to life with Abbeygate Lighting today. Browse our full range of ceiling, wall, desk and floor lamps below.

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    Create a Relaxing Workplace with Beautiful Study Lamps

    It’s now well-known that lighting and ambiance have a huge effect on the way that we work. Today, businesses work hard to create inspiring environments that boost productivity. There’s no reason why this logic shouldn’t apply at home.

    With more people working from home than ever before, there’s never been a better time to invest in your study. High-quality study lights from Abbeygate Lighting are the perfect way to create a relaxing, productive environment that perfectly suits your home’s style.

    When planning your study lighting, you’ll want to start with overhead lights. Study ceiling lights will provide a soft base of ambient light for your room. Our range includes sleek, modern pendant lights alongside classic chandelier pieces.

    In your study, it’s likely you’ll be reading, writing or working with technology and screens. Depending on how you work, we can assist in helping you decide on the perfect lighting solutions including ceiling and desk lamps.

    Our large range of desk lamps for studies will help you focus on your work. Whether you want a soft, shaded table lamp, or an adjustable desk lamp, you’ll find all kinds of options on display. Effortlessly tilt, dim, turn and direct your lights whilst you work until you find a glow that’s comfortable for you.

    We also have a range of wall-mounted study lamps to lighten up your workplace without taking up valuable room on your desk. Wall lights are also a great way to complement your study ceiling lights.


    Sophisticated Design from Abbeygate Lighting

    A relaxing study depends on a soothing balance of study ceiling lights and smaller lamps. The first to create ambiance, and the latter to softly light your work. Though layering your study lighting for the best effects will take some planning, the results of your hard work will be well worth it. You’ll see and feel the effects of your lighting every time you sit down to work.

    Abbeygate Lighting have all you need to bring your home study to life. Create an inspiring and focused environment for yourself, with our incredible study lighting range.