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Welcome to Abbeygate Lightings’ extensive collection of lighting types where you’ll find the perfect illumination solutions for any space. Our diverse selection includes an array of lamps, ceiling lights and wall lights that cater to various styles and preferences. Whether it’s contemporary designs classic elegance or something tailored just right – our curated collection ensures we have what it takes to create your ideal ambience in both homes and offices alike! Come explore with us today!

Shop the extensive range below by lighting type. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us.

Lighting creates a functional and visual ambience in any space.

Bedside tables or living rooms with table lamps are a great way to add illumination. For creating ambience while providing functional lighting. There are classic designs or modern styles available to suit any taste. Incorporating these into your space is an easy way to give an overall look.

The glow from floor lamps creates a cosy atmosphere. Whether you’re reading or relaxing floor standing lights provide just enough brightness to make an area of a room inviting. Consider adding one (or more!) today!

Lighting is essential for productivity in home offices or study areas. Desk lamps provide the necessary illumination to help you stay focused and motivated while working on important tasks.

Ceiling Light Types:

Lighting is essential in any room’s design. With options from chandeliers to modern lighting, there are many options available for every preference.

Chandeliers – These add grandeur to dining rooms and foyers while providing ample amounts of light. Pendant Lights– Versatile enough for use in kitchens, entryways and living areas these lights offer both function and fashion. Flush Mounts- Ideal for low ceiling spaces where extra lighting is needed without taking up too much visual real estate.

Interior Lights– Provide a modern look with clean lines for effective lighting throughout your home. Don’t Our team has extensive knowledge of all things related to interior lighting.

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