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Types of Lamps

Lamps are an essential part of your home and adding the right ones will create a wonderful atmosphere. Our excellent range of lamps can help you achieve the right ambience in any room. From table lamps to floor standing lamps, we have the perfect lighting solutions to enhance your home.

Lamps To Suit Any Home

Our range of lamps covers all possible lighting needs. Floor standing lamps are a great way to illuminate any room as they do not have to be mounted and fit into any corner easily. They are also a feature in their own right, as you can make a bold style statement with our unique designs. A table lamp can act as a standalone feature, or can tie a room together when combined with other items. A well-chosen table lamp can finish a room beautifully. We also have a diverse range of desk lamps that are ideal for any working space as they offer a practical light source and add some style. For children, we have a range of lamps to add fun and functionality to their bedrooms. From bunnies to toadstools, there are many diverse options to choose from!


Choosing The Right Style

It is important to find floor and table lamps that match your existing decor. Floor and table lamps are a great choice if you are looking for a modern feel. While being practical and offering a variety of lighting options, they can add chic and style to any room. If you are going for a traditional or rustic look, you can choose from our selection of wooden lamps, and a vintage-style lamp is a great addition if you are going for a retro feel. With desk lamps, our LED products are popular as they are more energy-efficient than incandescent light bulbs. But you don’t have to go big to make a statement with a lamp. We have minimalist table lamps that look great in a contemporary atmosphere, and our children’s range of lamps can add personality while offering comfortable lighting for sleeping.


Adding The Right Lamps to Your Home

The secret to adding the perfect floor and table lamps to your home is finding balance. You want a lamp that creates the right ambience while also not disrupting the flow of traffic. Floor lamps are ideal for any room that has a bare corner. They fill up the space while adding flair even when they are not in use. Console lamps with a shade are perfect for adding a diffused effect and can give a room a cosy glow. They look fabulous in any bedroom, and it’s easy to find a style to match your existing decor. Desk lamps are also a great choice for reading or relaxing areas.


Take a browse through our complete range of lamps, and you will find a huge range of options to suit your home.