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Ceiling Light Fixtures

The versatility of ceiling lights makes them a great choice for any room. Choosing the right ceiling lighting can set the tone of your home. Whether you’re looking for a sleek and modern design or an elaborate chandelier, we have a complete range to suit your needs.

Get Creative with Different Lighting Fixtures

Whether you’re looking for a lot of light, a more subtle approach, or a combination of varying lights, ceiling lights are a must in any home. And with so many lighting styles and colours available, you have a huge range to pick from! Recessed spotlights are a great choice for low ceilings, and hallways are perfectly suited to LED lights which can add a wonderfully warm tone. Bathrooms are well lit up by ceiling-mounted lamps and can be flush or minimalist depending on your preferred look. You could even create a feature in your bedroom with a statement chandelier, to add some glamour!


Different Types of Ceiling Lighting

Since ceiling lighting is so popular, it’s no surprise that there is a wide range to choose from:

  • Flush ceiling lights are popular as they are neatly finished with no gaps.
  • Semi-flush lights are attached using a small stem to create a gap for effect.
  • Spotlights are fantastic for highlighting specific areas, or for use in spaces with low ceilings.
  • Pendant ceiling lights are often chosen for their decorative properties as they even look good when they’re not turned on!
  • Chandeliers are ideal when you want a more elegant feel.
  • LED lighting can be useful in confined areas.


What Styles Are Available?

As with the many types of lighting to choose from, you can also choose from many different styles. Most new homes tend to opt for a contemporary look. These may include designer flush or semi-flush lights. You can also create a classic look with simple pendant ceiling lights or lantern lights. If you are going for a more retro look, LED lights and chandeliers can make a statement. The best part is you also have so many styles that complement each other. You can use spotlights and pendants to highlight furniture pieces no matter what their look. Since they come in a wide range of colours and materials, ceiling-mounted lights are easy to match with your decor.


Be Inspired

Get creative today and visit our showrooms for inspiration, or you can simply order directly online.