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LED lights

Efficient lighting is important for our comfort and wellbeing, and choosing LED lights will add to your peace of mind. We offer an extensive range of LED lighting options, from beautiful ceiling pendants to smart table lamps. We’re also happy to offer help and advice if you’re not sure what you’re looking for.

With superb energy efficiency and truly stunning designs, discover our collection of LED lighting below.

What is LED lighting?

Inside an LED bulb are two conductive materials and a Light-Emitting Diode (hence the name LED). When electricity passes through the diode, it creates a reaction between the two conductive materials. The energy released during this reaction is what creates the light.

The benefits of LED lights

It’s been calculated that LED bulbs use 90 percent less energy than traditional filament bulbs. That means LED lighting can offer a significant saving on your monthly electricity bills.

LED bulbs typically last much longer than traditional bulbs, and depending on use, can last for several years. So whilst other bulbs may be cheaper, the initial cost is offset as you’ll be using far fewer bulbs.

Unlike other energy-saving bulbs, LED lights reach full brightness as soon as they’re switched on.

LED bulbs are also available in different colour temperatures. For example, you might choose warm white for a living room and daylight white for a garage or cellar.

20 percent of the electricity used globally is for lighting. By using a more energy-efficient alternative such as LED lights, you’ll be helping to protect the planet.

The Right Lighting for your Home

There’s never been a better time to choose LED lights for your home. So why not let the experts here at Abbeygate Lighting help you pick the right option? Take a look at our extensive range of products above, and contact us today if you need more information or advice.