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Door Stops

Take a look at some of our gorgeous fabric door stops and draught excluders all made in the style of friendly animal characters. From loyal hounds to fluffy sheep, our beautiful animal doorstops will look perfect in any room of the house. Children will fall in love with these cute creations. Each doorstop has been handmade by Dora Designs. They are weighty enough to prevent doors from slamming, but still soft to the touch.

Our Door Stop Collection

You are bound to be captivated by the faces in our animal doorstop collection. There’s “Bentley Cockapoo”, the caring and loyal brown dog made from herringbone, felt and fabric, ready to stand guard at your door. There are also his friends the cheeky and proud “Chester Schnauzer” made from grey fabric with pinstripe detail and the gentle, but alert “Henry Bloodhound” made from brown dogtooth fabric. Collect one or all three to hold the doors and add comfort to your home. In addition to our door stop collection, we also have a range of draught excluders designed to keep cold air from entering your home. These draught stoppers include our “Angus Highland Cow Draught Excluder”, “Flock Of Sheep Draught Excluder”, and “Bertie Bristle’s Family Hedgehog Draught Excluder”. Each one features a selection of fluffy animals lined up in a row and each is filled with polyfibre filling and quartz sand to guard those unwanted chills.

Abbeygate Lighting

Abbeygate Lighting has been serving the communities of Suffolk and Norfolk for almost 40 years. Located at Bury St Edmunds, Norwich, and Felixstowe, our stores offer fixtures, accessories, and furniture. A wide selection of products is also available in our showroom and online store. Please feel free to contact our experts if you have any queries about our products or services.