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The Tiffany lamp is iconic. It is the little black dress of the lighting world. It is the interior design equivalent of the Rolex or the Rolls Royce. In other words, it is an absolutely classic. So, it should come as no surprise to find that style conscious homeowners are snapping up Tiffany style lamps and Tiffany imitation fixtures in their droves.

As genuine Tiffany lamps are quite difficult to get hold of these days – they are usually sold to serious collectors – imitation styles are often the best way to get your hands on one. For example, check out this beautiful Ashton Ceiling Pendant, designed in the Tiffany style, from the Interiors 1900 collection.

The colours are vivid, the designs are eclectic, and these Interiors 1900 lamps and pendants are the perfect addition to a family home. So, it is time to go shopping. But, if you are going to invest in a Tiffany style light fixture, you need to know how to care for it. This handy guide to cleaning a new Tiffany lamp will show you the ropes.

Step One: Unplug the Lamp & Find Safe Access

If it is a Tiffany style lamp that you are cleaning, this is as simple as unplugging it from the mains and placing it on an uncluttered counter or worktop. You don’t want to be fiddling with the fixture in a crowded area, because Tiffany shades are quite fragile.

If you need to clean a pendant, like this Sullivan Ceiling Pendant, you can use a safety step ladder to reach the shade. However, it must be completely stable and, ideally, you do want a helper to hold it steady. If the surface is uneven and you start to wobble, you could end up grabbing the shade for support and damaging both yourself and the pendant.

Step Two: Use a Soft Cloth to Remove Dirt

If you own one of the classic stained glass style lamps or pendants, regular glass cleaner should be absolutely fine. Take a soft cloth, but do not spray the cleaning solution directly onto the glass. This could cause damage, so make sure to spray it onto the cloth before application. You need to be extremely careful, because Tiffany style lamps are delicate and break easily.

Once again, you should not do this with a pendant unless you can access the shade in a safe way. So, if you are stood on a step ladder and still struggling to get a secure hold on the shade, it might be best to get a taller friend or relative to carefully remove it. Then, you can clean it on a countertop as you would any other Tiffany style lamp from the Interiors 1900 collection.

Step Three: Clean the Base of the Lamp

The final step is to carefully clean the base of the Tiffany lamp. There are two main types of base; metal and ceramic or porcelain. For a metal base, you should only use oil based polishes. For ceramic or porcelain bases, no cleaning solution should be used. Simply take a soft cloth, dipped in warm water, and wipe it gently over the surface.

If you own an inverted pendant fixture, like this Kirchiri Inverted Pendant, you will find that dust gathers quickly on the inside. The best way to deal with it is to invest in a soft, flexible feather duster that can be moved gently around the rim and interior, without causing any damage to the shade. You should only need to clean your Tiffany style pendant once every two months.

For more advice on how to pick the perfect Tiffany style lamp or pendant, why not pop into your local Abbeygate Lighting store or contact us today. You can browse for a wide range of light fittings and fixtures, including those in the Interiors 1900 collection.