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When it comes to decorative accessories that are both attractive and practical, clocks are an excellent choice for any room. A decorative clock in your home will blend in well with any décor and give an eye-catching flair to your space. Figurine clocks are also an affordable way to personalise your home and give it a creative touch. Most of all, a clock in a convenient place helps you keep track of time, especially when you are on the go. Here at Abbeygate Lighting, we have a wide variety of theme clocks that will look great in any home. Check out our range of clock products below.

Our Clock Range

We have several table clock products available that will look great on any bedside cabinet, desk, or shelf. For fans of classic aviation, there is the “Biplane Table Clock”, modelled after the aircraft used by the American Flyers of the Lafayette Escadrille in World War 1 and cast in solid gold and polished aluminium. There is also the “Altimeter Table Clock” featuring stout brassed screws and machined aluminium casting, and our “Cockpit Table Clock”, cast from an original USAF steering yoke from World War 2, and made from polished aluminium and brass accents.

Other table clock products in our range include the intricate “Nautilus Table Clock”, modelled after the 1902 French torpedo, and featuring brass details, a marble base, and intricate moving parts. The “Rover Table Clock” is based on the robotic explorers of Mars and comes with brass fittings and polished aluminium. Finally, there is the “Spaceman Table Clock”, inspired by the space capsules used by early Russian cosmonauts and built into a solid aluminium case.

In terms of wall clock products, we have a selection of choices available. The “Antique Brass & Black Metal Fan Design Wall Clock” offers an industrial look with a 3D fan design. Our “Cuckoo Clock” range is a modern take on the traditional bird-themed wall clock and comes in grey, white and jungle green. The “Duo Cuckoo Clock” features dual modern clock and cuckoo components and is available in black and grey. Finally, there is the “Speedster Clock”, modelled after the steering wheel from a 1960s British sports car, and wrapped in quality leather.

Abbeygate Lighting

Abbeygate Lighting has been serving Suffolk and Norfolk residents for over 40 years. We have three showrooms in Bury St Edmunds, Norwich, and Felixstowe where you can see a wide range of lighting options, decorative furniture, and more. For any queries about our products or services, please get in touch with our friendly staff.