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    A lamp for reading

    The idea of a floor reading lamp is to provide light precisely where you want it. A ceiling light will illuminate an entire room, but how often do you really need to do that? If you want to create an ambient soft lighting effect, you’re going to need an alternative light source.

    Table lamps offer an attractive option, and wall lights can also be used to create atmosphere. But if you’re someone who likes to sit down with a good book, your choice of location may be limited. This is where a floor-standing lamp comes into its own.

    With an adjustable task light, you can even place your floor reading lamp behind the sofa. That means it’s out of the way and isn’t taking up unnecessary floor space.


    Versatile lighting

    The clue to the function of a table lamp is in the name. Quite simply, without a table you have nowhere to put it. One of the key advantages of a floor lamp is that you can position it wherever you like.

    A mother & child floor reading lamp offers even more flexibility. The standard lamp at the top and adjustable mid-way reading light allows a number of options. Use the lamp to brighten up a whole area of the room. Or just use the reading light to peruse the latest copy of Gardener’s World.

    A floor lamp is ideally suited to provide the perfect light for a small space. Alternatively, they can be used to create a cosy, more intimate ambience in rooms that are larger. Not only are floor lamps attractive and stylish objects in their own right, they also offer versatility and convenience.


    A style to suit your home

    Another advantage of floor-standing lamps is the fact that they’re available in a wide range of styles. They can be smart, contemporary and specific to the purpose, or designed to fit within a traditional setting.

    Choose a floor lamp to match the mode of your home, be it country cottage or minimalist and modern. Whatever your style, you’ll find a floor lamp to suit your decor and your taste.

    For more information, contact us or call in at one of our showrooms in Bury St Edmunds, Norwich or Felixstowe.