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Body Talk Figurines – Human Figure Sculpture

From classical history to modern times, body sculptures have been used to depict many aspects of our daily lives and symbolic representations of our thoughts and desires. Life-like sculptures are a popular choice when it comes to modern interior design options, and we at Abbeygate Lighting have a great selection when it comes to body sculpture products. Each sculpture is modelled on an original figurine designed by Ed van Rosmalen for his Body Talk series. Take a look at some of our Body Talk sculptures below.

Our Body Talk Figurine Products

Our “Body Talk Man” range features Parastone figurines made by experienced and skilled craftspeople in the Netherlands. Each one features a male figure in various poses, modelled after an original piece by Ed van Rosmalen. This collection includes “Man Holding Knees”, “Man Stretching” and “Man Kneeling”. For larger rooms, there are also “Large Man Turning”, “Large Man Arms Extended” and “XXL Male Figure In Wrap Pose”.

“Body Talk Woman” also features Parastone figurines that are handcrafted by skilled and experienced craftspeople in the Netherlands. Based on original pieces by Ed van Rosmalen, each of them features a female figure in a variety of thoughtful poses. This collection includes “Woman Turning”, “Woman with Hands On Knee” and “Woman On Base”, depicting the female figure sitting on a solid black Parastone base.

As part of the “Body Talk Yoga” series, you’ll also find golden Parastone figurines made in the Netherlands by expert craftsmen. Each one depicts a female figure in yoga postures based on original Ed van Rosmalen sculptures. This range includes “Padmasana – Lotus Pose”, “Surya Namaskar – Sun Salutation”, “Ardha Matsyendra-Asana” and “Salamba Sarvangasana”. A great choice for any yoga area in the home.

Abbeygate Lighting

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