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Bronze Mouse Sculptures – Cold Cast Bronze Sculptures

For something that will brighten up any desk or table in the home, why not try out our collection of cold cast bronze sculptures from Richard Cooper Studio, each depicting adorable mice in various poses. Our collection of cold cast bronze figurines are made by sculptor Michael Simpson and features cute mice at rest, play and generally causing mischief. Each mouse figurine is cast in bronze resin and then skillfully hand-painted to bring out its features. These cold cast bronze statues are a great way to brighten up any room and make it feel more lively and whimsical, and we have a great selection of mice sculptures at Abbeygate Lighting. Take a look at some of our cold cast bronze figurines below.

Our Cold Cast Bronze Sculptures

Here are some of the mice at play sculptures from our collection. “Mouse In Honey Pot” depicts a cheeky mouse enjoying some delicious honey from an old-fashioned honey pot, while “Mouse On Candlestick” has a curious mouse peering out from an old Victorian candlestick holder. “Mouse On Cotton Reel” features a mouse grooming itself on a vintage cotton reel, while the mouse in “Mouse In Egg Cup” is curling up in an ornate egg cup for a well-earned nap.

Celebrate the coming of Spring with our “Mouse With Bluebell & Bee”, which depicts a curious woodland mouse reaching up to smell the scent of a newly grown sprig of bluebells. “Mouse With Daisy” features a wild mouse in Summertime making a soft ped from the petals of its favourite flower, while “Mouse With Poppy” has a tiny mouse resting on a wild poppy, a symbol of love and hope.

Other sculptures in our collection include “Mouse On Monkey Nuts”, with a plump mouse eyeing a feast of some delicious monkey nuts. “Mouse On Old Pennies” features a mouse grooming itself while sitting on a pile of discarded pennies, while “Woodland Mice Couple” shows a pair of woodland mice amongst foliage, on their way to make their home somewhere deep within the forest.

Abbeygate Lighting

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