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Dubout Cats – Cat Ornaments

Liven up your living space with one of the gorgeous Dubout cats from our sculpture and figurine collection. French cartoonist Albert Dubout was famous for his colourful caricatures of his favourite cats. He depicted his cats in many situations that will be familiar to all cat owners: from sleeping to hunting to causing mischief wherever they can. Based on Dubout’s original illustrations, each Dubout cat figurine is made by experienced and skilled expert craftsmen in the Netherlands at Parastone Studios. So have a browse through our selection of Dubout cats below.

Albert Dubout (France, 1905-1976)

When the renowned French illustrator and caricaturist Albert Dubout puts his pen to paper to sketch his feline companions, he depicts his cats as we all know them: cats in multitudes and cats all alone, cats in mischief and cats at rest, cats with their kittens and cats in love, cats on the prowl and cats at their best.


Our Doubout Cat Collection

Here are some of the cat figurines in our collection all reproduced from Albert Dubout’s illustrations. “Playtime” depicts a family of kittens out on an adventure, while “Got You” and “The Hunt” show the cats in their hunting stance, ready to strike. “Save Me A Seat” has the cats playing with an old, cushioned chair, as it slowly succumbs to them using it as a playground and scratching post. There’s also the hilarious “Escape Plan”, showing a not-too-brave cat attempting to hide from a trio of mice.

Our collection also portrays the quieter side of cats’ lives. “Kitty Wash” features a cute kitten casually cleaning its fur, while “Happy Days” has a sweet kitten playing with its mother. “Maman Et Ses Petits (Mum And Her Babies)” pictures another cat carrying her children away from mischief. “L’Alignement (Cats In A Row)” features a proud mother cat beside a pair of three kittens, while “La Promenade (The Walk)” depicts the mother cat leading her kittens out on a stroll.

We also have figurines of cats enjoying their favourite activity: sleeping. “Siesta” is a little kitten curled up and asleep while “Gros Dodo (Cat Nap)” shows another fast asleep on a comfortable cushion. You can also purchase Dubout’s sleeping cats on a series of vases. These include “Cat Nap Vase” and “Big Sleep”, both of which feature Dubout’s original illustrations printed on exquisite vases.

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