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Decorative Wall Lights

If you wish to add a touch of luxury to your interior space, you should consider incorporating decorative wall lights. They come in all shapes and styles, creating distinct lighting patterns as well as being functional in the home. To browse our range of decorative wall lights for your home, take a look at our selection below.

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    Benefits of Decorative Wall Lights

    • Decorative wall lights can revitalise the look of any space, creating a unique and charming character. You can achieve a genuine sense of style with the right lights, from classic to modern designs.
    • These lights are extremely functional wherever you use them. You can use these lights to highlight certain features of the room, or you can use them to give the area the right amount of illumination.
    • Wall lights are wonderful idea if you wish to save space, working as a popular alternative to standing or desk lamps.
    • Decorative wall lights for the home can easily complement your existing décor. Whether you have a retro style country home or a modern studio apartment, you can find a wall light to match your surroundings.


    Styles of Decorative Lamps for Wall Space

    Decorative lights come in a wide variety of patterns, shapes, and sizes, allowing you to create a desired ambience in your home. If you have a room with modern furnishings, why not choose a sleek looking LED light to add to the contemporary décor. Or, if you have a room with ornate or period furniture, perhaps low voltage wall lights with rustic trimmings will suit you more. Whatever style of wall light you prefer, we will have it in stock for you here at Abbeygate Lighting.


    Where Can Wall Lights Be Used?


    • Living Rooms: One of the most used rooms in the home, the living room is the perfect place to brighten up with decorative wall lights. Consider using a lighting scheme that can adapt to the different functions of this room.
    • Dining Rooms: Wall lights can create a romantic atmosphere during those intimate dinners or brighten up the area for everyday meals. You can even combine lighting with your living room in open plan environments.
    • Bedrooms: Adjustable wall lights allow you to see closely for reading or applying makeup while being dimmable for resting. These are an excellent alternative to a table or floor lamp beside your bed to save space.
    • Bathrooms: From antique brass lamps to modern LED strips, there is a wide range of decorative lights suitable for bathroom use. Consider placing lights near your mirror for extra task lighting when grooming and cleaning.


    Deciding On What Lights You Need

    The first step to choosing the right lighting fixtures for your home is to decide why you need them. People often simply pick lights for their practicality. But why not highlight the lights themselves? They can still be practical while becoming a feature of the room. You can also decide how much focus you wish to add to something by including a dimmer switch. This allows you to control the amount of light that you provide. Adjusting the intensity and luminance will help you get the exact tone you’re looking for.

    This versatility is what makes wall light fittings one of the best ways to enhance your home. You can completely change the look and feel of any space without major construction – all you need is a little imagination! And the best part is the light fittings themselves will also add style to your home.


    Choosing The Right Decorative Wall Lighting

    When it comes to interior design, people often assume that they need to make big changes to get the best results; but this is far from the truth. One of the easiest ways to enhance any space is by adding wall lights. You can use them to highlight certain areas of your home, or the lights themselves could become a feature.

    Our range of modern decorative wall lights can help you transform any area in your home with minimal effort. They are simple to install and require almost zero maintenance; and they will add character and style to any room instantly!

    For more information, please contact our friendly team today or pop into one of our showrooms in Norwich, Bury St Edmunds, or Felixstowe.