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Liven Up Your Home with Beautiful Outdoor Wall Lanterns

With all of the work and effort that we put into designing our indoor spaces, it’s easy to forget that the outdoor ones need love too. Gardens, paths, entrances, and walkways can really benefit from light fixtures and fittings that marry style with practicality. For an outdoors that does your home proud, you need to turn to high quality wall lanterns.

If you don’t know where to start when it comes to picking out lighting accessories, think about what kind of look you want to create first. Is your main priority making the area safe, with efficient task lighting, or are you keen to pick fixtures that will also dazzle with beautiful designs and colourful shades?

Identifying the Outdoor Wall Lantern

While all designs are, of course, unique, most outdoor wall lanterns do have a standard shape and structure. This can be used to easily identify them when shopping. The typical outdoor lantern is affixed to the wall, by a sturdy bracket and stand. The lantern itself hangs freely from this bracket, in a way that resembles old fashioned lanterns (hence, the name).

Outdoor wall lanterns are often designed to look delicate and pretty, but they are surprisingly strong. Plus, they come with a range of possible features, like sophisticated PIR motion detectors. This makes them a great addition to walkways and entrances, because if unexpected movements are detected after dark, they automatically illuminate to identify the source.

Choosing the Right Shade Shape

This elegant Chicago Wall Lantern, from the Elstead Lighting collection, is the perfect example of an outdoor lantern that is rustic and traditional. For many homeowners, this is an ideal style, because it offers that antique appeal, without the addition of an antique price tag. Leaded glass is a popular feature, because it brings some of that old fashioned glamour into today. However, you don’t have to go traditional if the rest of your home is modern and contemporary.

For instance, check out this Kolne Wall Lantern, also from the Elstead Lighting collection. Its shade is a lot more angular and edgy. The clean lines and sleek, modern exterior are at once minimalistic and stylish. They evoke a sense of modernity that would perfectly suit a carefully designed home, with a well-tended garden.

Picking the Perfect Position

There are two key reasons to invest in outdoor wall lanterns from the Elstead Lighting range, at Abbeygate Lighting. The first is for aesthetic value; high quality lighting accessories can transform even the most basic outdoor spaces into miniature paradises. The second is for safety. As already mentioned, many outdoor wall lanterns now come with motion sensors.

With PIR technology, you can not only identify unwanted visitors quickly, you can also make sure that walkways are clearly illuminated after dark. This is particularly important for homes with uneven entrances or stepped walkways, because injuries are a possibility without the right kind of lighting. Keep this in mind when shopping for wall lanterns, so that you end up with a product that combines style and practicality.