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When it comes to high quality wall lighting, most homeowners don’t know where to start. We are so used to looking at ceiling fixtures as being the most suitable source of domestic light that we often forget that they aren’t the whole story. If chosen carefully, wall lighting doesn’t have to be relegated to gardens and outdoor facades. It can be a stylish addition to offices, lounges, dining rooms, and bedrooms too.

The range of wall lights on offer from the Astro Lighting collection, at Abbeygate Lighting, should be enough to convince you that this elegant, functional form is the right choice for your interior space. While modern wall lights are derived from traditional candelabra designs, they have evolved to include everything from sconces to strip lighting, pendants, and spotlights. With an eye for the right details, you’re bound to find the perfect wall lighting for you.

This guide to the best places to position wall lights will show you how to make this design feature really stand out.

Hallways and Entranceways

This beautiful sconce like Amalfi Plus fixture, from the Astro Lighting collection, would look wonderful in a hallway or entrance space. Wall secured sconces are ideal here, because they provide lots of illumination and can cover quite large areas if positioned correctly. Plus, they produce fairly bright and clean illumination, without being overly harsh or clinical. The curved shell shaped shade is the reason for this, because it directs the light upwards, downwards (or both), but not right into the eyes or face.

Staircases and Stairwells


They are suitable for use in stairwells and along staircases for much the same reason. The only difference here is that, when choosing wall lighting for stairs, it is better to go for a downward facing shade. Otherwise, the light can end up causing glare when you’re walking down the steps. With high quality fixtures, it becomes easy to marry form and function. You can make sure that awkward spaces like the stairs are well covered, for safety reasons, and still retain that sense of style and sophistication.

Accent and Picture Lighting


Check out this sleek and contemporary Goya Picture Light for an example of just how attractive contemporary wall lighting has become. If you have a print or a piece of artwork that you really love, why not show it off with its own strip or spotlight? Alternatively, this kind of fixture works really well when used to illuminate an accent wall, nook, or reading space. Picture lights are not designed to throw light very far, but they are very good at drawing in the eye.

Small, Restricted Spaces

One of the most overlooked benefits of wall lighting – and particularly compact sconces – is their ability to provide a lot of illumination with the use of a small shade. This is very beneficial if you are short on room and need a practical, functional way to light provide light and still create the illusion of space. Where table and floor lamps need extra room, wall lighting can be mounted high, so that it is up and out of the way. They look especially stylish when mounted as a pair, in a bedroom, as reading lights.