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Astro Lighting

Established in the UK in 1997, Astro lighting has grown to become a globally recognised brand. That doesn’t happen without a reason, of course, and Astro’s strength is its ongoing commitment to design and quality.

The founders of Astro lighting believed that simple forms were the key to sustainable design. They backed this up with the best possible engineering and manufacturing processes. The end result of this philosophy was a range of desirable products that are made to last.

Why choose Astro lighting?

Astro’s products are designed to be timeless and manufactured to last. That means not only do they offer style and sophistication, but also value for money.

Astro lights are created to be efficient. But products can be repaired and consumables can be replaced.

The people at Astro care about the planet, and avoid unsustainable materials and manufacturing processes. When products reach the end of their life, Astro re-use and recycle, making sure waste is disposed of responsibly.

Astro has removed Polystyrene from the packaging process, and screws are no longer supplied in plastic bags. The company has also installed more than 460 solar panels at their Harlow headquarters. It’s all part of their aim to become carbon neutral.

If you’re looking for superior design and high quality, as well as sustainability, Astro is a great choice.