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Tiffany Lamps

What name comes to mind when referring to the most elegant and striking illumination solutions within a home? There is no doubt that Tiffany is at or near the top of the list, therefore the experts at Abbeygate Lighting are extremely pleased to be able to offer an impressive selection of Tiffany lamps for the discerning homeowner.

A Melange of Colour, Style and Stunning Detail

Tiffany lighting fixtures have always been known for their sheer visual character. This is accomplished with unique design elements, intricate details and standalone beauty. Many of the Tiffany lamps provided by Abbeygate Lighting are also famous for their bold use of colour, particularly within their shades, therefore such lamps are also excellent choices for those who are looking to brighten up a certain environment or simply to create a visual centrepiece within a specific room. Additionally, the sheer attention to detail that each lamp exhibits is perfectly suited for more luxurious atmospheres. Still, such fixtures are just as appropriate within the average bedroom.

A Decidedly Retro Appeal

The retro appeal of these lamps is another reason why they have become so recognised throughout the industry. Slightly reflecting a turn-of-the-century flavour, those who are fans of the Art Deco movement will love what is in store. Such a quality is nearly impossible to find in the countless “cookie-cutter” designs which have become so prevalent throughout the modern marketplace. Perhaps you are looking to recapture the beauty associated with a Victorian home. You might instead hope to transform a contemporary environment into one which offers up a shabbier chic appeal. Regardless of your desires, this Tiffany selection offers up numerous solutions.