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Art Deco / Nouveau

Our array of Deco designs evokes all the glitz and glamour of the roaring 20s with their opulent materials and charming figures. Elegantly mixing the classic and the modern, an Art Deco lamp could be just what your home needs.

Perfect for any desk, dressing table, mantlepiece or sideboard, our Art Nouveau lamps bring vintage elegance to your interiors. Uncover our full Art Deco range below and find a lamp perfect for your home.

The Eternal Charm of Art Deco

For over a hundred years, the bold and daring designs of Art Nouveau and Art Deco have been charming the world. It all began at the start of the twentieth century. Artists and craftsmen across Europe began to break away from the stateliness of Victorian designs. Inspired by natural forms, handmade crafts and Japanese painting, Art Nouveau crafts and interiors soon took the world by storm.

Two decades later, Art Nouveau would inspire a new wave of bold architecture and art across the pond. This was Art Deco, with designs ready to shake up the 1920s. From the spire of the Chrysler Building to ornate Tiffany lamps, Art Deco became the era’s defining style.

Since the time of flappers and silent films, Art Deco never truly went out of style. A perfect mix of the old and the new, Art Deco designs deserve a place in every classic and modern home.


Classic Charm for Modern Homes

Decade to decade, the love for Art Deco continues to grow. Now is the perfect time to work an Art Deco lamp into your interior designs. Firstly, with frosted or stained glass above a dark brass frame, an Art Deco lamp can deliver an understated elegance to a cosy space. Next to a favourite chair or desk, they can provide the relaxing ambiance you need for reading or study.

Alternatively, an Art Nouveau lamp can make for a glamourous centrepiece. With sculpted figures and bold shades, we have a range of Art Deco lights that won’t struggle for attention. These large lamps are perfect for a mantlepiece, dining table or feature window.

Though made in an unmistakable style, our range of Art Deco lamps includes designs to suit all kinds of spaces, uses, and styles. Be sure to browse our full range of lighting to uncover all our Art Deco designs. Finally, don’t neglect our range of stunning Tiffany lights, for the ceiling, wall, floor, or table.