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What Types of Bulbs Can I Choose From?

Here at Abbeygate Lighting we offer the following types of bulbs for use at home:

  • LED bulbs – Light Emitting Diode, or LED light bulbs, use light emitting diodes to create light. These bulbs have the longest life of all the options and are considered the most efficient, using up to 90% less energy than ordinary bulbs. LED light bulbs work best in nightlights, lamps and under cabinet lighting.
  • Halogen bulbs – This type of bulb uses halogen gas to increase light output while also ensuring the bulb lasts a long time. With their long life, these bulbs are 20% more efficient than traditional incandescent bulbs. They are great for directed lighting such as spotlights and floodlights, as well as in the home as work lights and under cabinet lighting.


What Shapes are Available?

We offer a range of bulb styles, including:

  • Classic filament style bulbs for use with lampshades and other products.
  • Candle style bulbs that are made to look like flames. Great for chandeliers.
  • Round globe bulbs for decorative fittings.
  • Vintage style bulbs designed to give a special amber glow, replicating traditional vintage bulbs.
  • Coloured bulbs for a range of decorative purposes.


Are All Light Bulbs Dimmable?

While most bulbs are dimmable, some options are not. If you need dimmable light bulbs for your light fittings, always check the product specifications to check they are suitable.


Which Bulbs Are Environmentally Friendly?

LEDs are the most eco-friendly bulb as they use very little energy and last a long time – up to 20 times longer than standard bulbs, such as halogen or incandescent options! Halogen bulbs are less durable and can easily break. They consume much more energy than LED bulbs and cost more to use in the long run.


What Do the Different Codes Mean?

The code number of a light bulb includes a letter (or letters) and a number. The letter refers to the shape of the bulb, while the number specifies the diameter of the bulb in millimetres. B stands for a bayonet collar base, E stands for a screw base, and G stands for a multiple pin type base. So, E10 is a screw-based bulb with a 10mm diameter, while G5 is a multiple pin base with a 5mm distance between pins.


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