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Every home deserves a bathroom that inspires and soothes. Whether you’re getting ready to face the day or unwinding at the end of another long one; this space should provide comfort, functionality, and style. Great lighting is a major part of this, because it serves as the backdrop for all your bathroom activities.

It must be practical, without being overly harsh. It should be dual purpose as well, because the same lighting that you require in the morning won’t necessarily fit your needs in the evening. Most of us look for task based lighting in the early hours and enjoy a softer, more relaxing type of illumination after work.

This guide to making sure that your bathroom lighting is always brilliant (and never boring) will help you create a beautiful interior space.

Minimalist Chic

For those with a penchant for strong, clean lines and simple designs, minimalist lighting can really excite. Check out this exquisite Recessed Mirror, from the Astro Lighting Collection. It is the perfect example of how function and form can come together to create something beautiful. Yet, it has no unnecessary features. It is bold without being fussy and would suit a muted, sober colour palette of greys, charcoals, pale blues, and brilliant whites.

Modern and Inviting

On the other hand, angular lines and bare chrome aren’t for everybody. Some homeowners want their bathrooms to have a little more warmth and character. This Nena Wall Light strikes a stylish balance between an unfussy aesthetic and cool, retro curves. The frosted glass shade is elegant and guaranteed to liven up even the smallest of spaces. If combined with more practical, task based spot or recessed ceiling lights, it could function as the softer, more soothing option for evening activities.

A Little Bit of Glamour

Or, you could invest in even more flamboyant fixtures. Ultimately, the vibe in your bathroom is what you want to make it. As long as the design and mood is cohesive, it’ll be somewhere that you can enjoy spending time. For bathrooms, bright colours are an unconventional choice. Therefore, try to introduce them in splashes for a balanced effect. Vibrant light shades are an easy way to do this, as they add a focused amount of colour. It is best not to make them too ornate though, because this is a space that can get messy.

Functional Beauty

It isn’t all about minimalist chic at Astro Lighting, however, because there are plenty of gorgeous fixtures on offer for homeowners who want a bit more flair. You can keep designs simple and still add interest, dimension, and beauty. Recessed downlights are great for this, because their decoration and unique features tend to be on the outside. The light source itself is largely uninterrupted; it is only spread and softened by the cover over the bulb. This sophisticated Brembo Round Light is a good example.

Why Finding the Right Lighting Provider is Essential

With the support and advice of a reliable lighting provider, you can focus your attention on finding exactly the right size, shape, or colour fixture. All products should come with a guarantee of quality and be made out of the finest materials. Astro Lighting offers a broad range of functional bathroom fittings; from strip lights to spot, wall, and bar fixtures. You’ll also find a selection of vanity, mirror, and cabinet lights for the ultimate in bathroom style.