Do you want to show off the outside of your home with beautiful outdoor lighting? Then look no further.
We have a stunning range of lights for your garden and driveway from bollards to wall lights. Explore the full collection below:

Outdoor lighting

Show off the front of your home and back gardens with our range of beautiful outdoor lighting. You can find everything you’ll need in our stunning range of lights for your garden and driveway, from bollards to wall lights and much more. All of the lights that we supply are of the highest quality, to withstand the impact of the weather and the sun. Find out more about each category below:

Hanging lanterns

Add beauty and character to your garden with a hanging lantern. The atmosphere of your outdoor area is enhanced with their wonderful vintage look.

Outdoor ceiling lights

Illuminate your garden with the cosy, warm glow from an outdoor ceiling light. There’s a lot to consider when looking for this kind of light, including the amount of illumination you want and the style of your garden. We’re here to help you at each step so you find the perfect ceiling light for your outdoors.

Outdoor wall lights

You can add plenty of atmosphere to your garden or the front of your house with outdoor wall lights. They’re also great for practical light around an outdoor sitting area for those late summer nights. You can choose from plenty of styles that add personality and practicality to your garden.

Bollards and post lighting

Use bollards and posts to create visibility around a walkway or driveway. Each of the options in our range is up to high-quality standards, to ensure that these spaces will be illuminated effectively for you. Our options also offer stylish looks that contribute to the look of your front garden.

Security lighting

Security lighting offers the peace of mind from knowing your home has an extra deterrent against thieves. You’ve got plenty of choice in our range of security lights.

Low level lighting

Low level lighting is perfect for creating atmosphere and setting the mood as the sun sets on warm summer evenings. You can find different wattages to suit the needs of your garden in our range.

Garden zone

Garden Zone products save you money, time and hassle thanks to their energy efficiency, ease of installation and exceptional build quality. This range is the perfect one to consider if you need outdoor lighting that won’t dramatically increase your energy bills or break easily, whilst still looking the part.

You can choose from a selection of premium materials, including brass and teak, with plenty of finishes as well. Despite this premium look and quality, there is something for all budgets in the Garden Zone range; have a browse for yourself to find the ideal outdoor lighting for you.

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