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One of the first things which interior designers turn to when trying to overhaul a tired space is lighting. This is certainly no accident, because lighting a home is hard and even the most enthusiastic decorators can get it wrong. According to experts, the most common faux pas is filling rooms with the wrong kind of light, so that illumination is largely wasted.

This is most frequently seen in bathrooms and kitchens; both spaces which require a perfect marriage between form and function. Yet, oftentimes, it can be easier to work out what you are doing wrong and move backwards than it is to pull solutions from the air. So, if you feel like the lighting in your home is not quite as dazzling as it should be, it is time to implement some valuable changes.

This guide to avoiding some of the most common lighting faux pas will help you to unleash your inner lighting designer.

Faux Pas One: Depending On a Single Light Source

One of the simplest ways to introduce multifaceted and multi-layered light into a space is to use more than one kind of light source. In other words, resist the temptation to believe that just downlights or only floor lamps should be used to illuminate a room. Where possible, accommodate a range of different heights – mix table lamps with low hanging pendants for a ‘light-scape’ which is responsive and interesting.

Faux Pas Two: Using Harsh Overheads

Whilst there are definitely some rooms which need a lot of bright and clean light, a skilled interior designer knows how to provide this without also making the space look washed out. For example, bright pendants can be made a little softer with the use of broad bottomed light shades. You can shop for a range of stylish light shades, from the Nordlux collection, here at Abbeygate Lighting.

Faux Pas Three: Being Afraid of Personality

You should never be afraid to experiment with colour and design, especially if you have put a lot of time and effort into the overall look of the space. It is perfectly possible to incorporate bold and unusual accessories, just so long as you follow the general rules of thumb for interior lighting. So, limit the number of table lamps, do not crowd rooms with light fittings, always consider ceiling heights, and shop for fixtures with an eye on function. This truly gorgeous Funk 22 Light Shade, from the Nordlux collection, is a unique piece of lighting design.

Faux Pas Four: Installing Too Much Recessed Lighting

It is true that recessed lighting can be extremely useful. It is functional, easy to install, and provides a light source which is bright and clean without being overwhelming. However, the visual structure of recessed lighting means that too many fixtures can end up giving a wall or ceiling the look of Swiss cheese. If you are hunting for a way to create warm spotlights, why not try this super cool Funk Suspension Cable, from the Nordlux collection? It is available in a variety of different colours and will allow you to add extra length to a hanging pendant.