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For lots of homeowners, the thought of hanging a chandelier in a living room or dining space can seem a little over the top. This kind of light fixture is still considered to be a rather fancy item, reserved for sprawling country homes and old school manor houses. However, the high class chandelier is undergoing a bit of a revival at the moment; scores of creative interior designers are now reimagining this piece for the modern world.

Now, you can pick up a chandelier in almost any style, colour, size, or design. With a varied range like the Franklite collection to choose from, here at Abbeygate Lighting, the options are limitless. If the traditional glass and crystal styles are not for you, why not think about investing in something a little different? This beautiful Zany 4 Light Chandelier, from Franklite, takes the traditional structure of a ceiling light and manipulates it into something entirely new.

For more advice on how to shop for the perfect chandelier or ceiling light, read this guide to the all of the things that you should know first.

Finding the Ideal Location

There is a good reason why finely crafted chandeliers, like this Franklite Artemis 5 Light ceiling fitting, are usually placed over dining tables or in spacious foyers. They provide lots of light, without being overly harsh or emitting a lot of glare. This is because the low hanging fixture spreads and pools the light only within the bottom half of the room. It creates that soft and elegant glow that is so often associated with regal dining rooms and receptions. Yet, realistically, you can hang a chandelier in any space which has a high enough ceiling; they look particularly elegant in tall bedrooms and offices.

Shopping for the Right Size

It is very important to think about size when browsing for chandelier style light fittings. If the ceiling is not tall enough, you will just end up hitting your head on the shade, so make sure that the space and the fixture work well together. For instance, if your dining room is 14×14 feet, you need to be looking for a chandelier which is around 20-26 inches; that way, the fixture will not make the room feel cramped or small. Whilst the proportions will vary from design to design, chandeliers with bigger diameters will usually hang lower than smaller ones – keep this in mind when shopping.

Supporting Your Chandelier

If you are planning to invest in a very grand and heavy chandelier or ceiling light, much like this Tzarina 9 Light fixture from the Franklite Collection, you will also need to pick up a reinforced ceiling cap or box. These are very similar to the components which are used to hold up electrical ceiling fans; they provide extra support, so that your fixture does not end up damaging the ceiling. The electrical wiring is pushed through a hole in the box and the weight of the chandelier is safely spread and supported. You only need to think about buying this kind of accessory if your chandelier weighs more than fifteen pounds. The majority of support components can hold up light fixtures which weigh as much as 150 pounds, so you should never have to worry about the sturdiness of your new dining room or lounge lighting.