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When you think of lamp posts, you probably imagine the type of super functional, unembellished illumination used by modern town planners. It is practical, efficient, and it has no need for decoration. If you think back to Victorian times, however, street lamps and lamp posts were decorative items. They had beautiful ornate frames and tall glass cases, where the light burned fiercely.

This very distinctive baroque aesthetic is currently experiencing a major revival and it is happening in our gardens. Lamp posts are now a common feature in landscaped yards because they add an almost fairytale vibe. They stand tall and proud and illuminate focal points like trees, flower beds, and garden features. They are low energy and low impact, but they can transform the look of an outdoor space.

This guide to the most popular styles of garden lamp will give you some inspiration and help you pick the right type of lighting for your yard.


This design tends to feature lots of undulating curves and round, heavy bulbs that hang downwards. The experts at Kontsmide Lights are keen to point out that it is reminiscent of the street lamps in old cities like Prague and Budapest. Most products feature two shades, so you’ll get plenty of illumination from a garden lamp like this. It would look great in a yard with lots of winding paths and rounded shapes. Install it next to your favourite tree, so that it dazzles after dark.

Top Choice: Libra Twin Garden Lamp Post from the Kontsmide Lights range.


These designs are very ornate and complex. They have lots of small details and embellishments. You could imagine these lamp posts lining the route up to a palace or a stately home. They are ideal for anybody who wants to add a splash of the high class to their outdoor space. Whether you go for a Victorian or a Georgian style, the fixture will provide plenty of illumination and shine a light on your favourite features. If you have a paved path or walkway, placing a number of these lamp posts, at intervals, is a good way to introduce some serious sparkle.

Top Choice: Tournai Medium Pillar Post from the Elstead Lighting range.


If you’ve always wanted your yard to have that magical Narnia aesthetic, pick a lamp post that positively screams fairytale hideaway. These designs are usually tall and narrow, with a single glass container perched on the top. They have minimal detailing because that classic form is all you need. Tuck one of these gorgeous garden lights in a hidden corner of the yard. Add a secret loveseat and a miniature water fountain and you’ve got a mystical nighttime retreat.

Top Choice: Cotswold Lane Outdoor Post Lamp from the Elstead Lighting range.


Or, you might prefer something much more understated and simple. If this is the case, a strong, clean design is the right choice. There are many different kinds of modern, minimalistic lamp posts. They are perfectly suited to carefully landscaped gardens, with flawlessly manicured lawns and eye-catching features. Stainless steel is a popular choice, as it is highly durable and weather resistant.

Top Choice: Alpa II 75 Minimalist Lamp Post from the Intalite range.