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It is natural to spend time planning and putting together beautiful lighting schemes for the interior of a home. Yet, few homeowners invest the same amount of time and effort on the outside of their properties. This is despite the fact that exterior lighting solutions can be invaluable, especially when it comes to safety, security, and visual appeal.

This kind of outdoor accessory is even more useful as we head into the coldest months of the year. As exterior paths and walkways grow slippy with frost, a few carefully placed light fixtures can make a world of difference. The last thing that you want is to have guests feel worried as they approach and leave your home, so illuminate the way with gorgeous designs from the Kontsmide collection, in store here at Abbeygate Lighting.

This handy guide to using outdoor light fixtures for security, safety, and aesthetic appeal will show you how to maximise the function of exterior lighting.

Creating a Safe Passage

The elegant and sophisticated lighting solutions available from the Kontsmide collection are a great way illuminate awkward corners, slippery patches, unexpected dips, and other quirky features of the landscape around your home. Aside from looking beautiful, these outdoor fixtures are a major boon for night time safety. For example, just think about the amount of times that you have found yourself fumbling in the dark for your keys – with the right lighting, this can be a thing of the past.

Using Eco-Friendly Designs

The choice between wall lighting and free standing or post lighting will depend entirely on how much effort you want to put in to the setup process. There are all kinds of different outdoor accessories available from the Kontsmide collection and they come in a broad range of styles and forms. However, if you are interested in picking up a low energy eco-friendly product, you might want to consider something like this classic Livorno 7344 Bollard. It is compatible with low energy bulbs and it can be bought in the form of a post or a sturdy wall light.

Making Accent Spots Sparkle

For a quick and easy way to highlight a favourite part of the garden, invest in a free standing post lamp like this Libra 620-750 Twin Light. It can be placed almost anywhere in the garden (depending on access to power outlets) and it creates a warm halo of illumination around flower beds, trees, garden accessories, and more. In fact, if you plan to use your garden in the summer for barbeques, parties, and al fresco dinners, outdoor lighting is essential. You should always consider appropriate wattage, especially if you are lighting a garden which is close to other houses.

Making the Property Safer

One of the more practical benefits of using outdoor lighting is the fact it also functions as a security feature. If there is added light around the outside of the property, particularly during the winter, there is less chance of intruders being able to sneak around it undetected. You can even pick up lighting accessories with integrated motion detectors, so that all night time activity is easy to spot. However, if there are lots of pets in the neighbourhood, it is worth considering how often they might accidentally set of sensors before investing in them.