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It is not hard to find high quality ceiling lights. In fact, here at Abbeygate Lighting, there is so much choice on offer that choosing the right one is the tricky part. From Elstead Lighting to Dar, David Hunt, Diyas, Fabas, and more; there are plenty of top brands to browse. The best place to start is with your specific needs. How tall are your ceilings? Do you want a lot of clean, task lighting or a softer, more romantic style?

Think about colour and form, about the shape of the shade, and how you want your ceiling light fixture to be positioned. These are all important aspects of shopping for this kind of product. Yet, what happens after you’ve found the perfect fixture? What do you do after you’ve taken it home? Fortunately, installing a new ceiling light is easier than you might think.

This guide to fitting a ceiling light will help you get to grips with the basics and make sure that your installation is safe and secure.

Use Your Common Sense

First things first; if you are replacing an existing ceiling light, the old one needs to be safely removed first. It is imperative that you turn the power off at the mains before you touch or move it. If you want to install a ceiling light in a completely new spot, you will have to call in outside help. Without a circuit and an electrical box, it won’t work, so get in touch with a reliable electrician service.

Find the Screws and Bolts

Once you’ve turned off the power, remove all of the bolts or screws that are holding the existing light to the roof. Lift it down with care. This is will expose the electrical wires underneath and they need to be disconnected by gently unscrewing the wire caps. It really is that simple. You should already know if the electrical box and mounting bracket can hold the weight of the new fixture; this is something that should be considered before you make a purchase.

Install the New Fixture

You’ll only need to replace the mounting bracket if the new fixture is not compatible. Otherwise, to install the ceiling light, just line it up and position it with care. The wires from the fixture should align with those from the ceiling, so that you can easily connect them all up. Don’t lift the light back up to the roof until these connections have been made. Then, you can reinsert the screws or bolts. The process is simple, but you might need a second pair of hands if the fixture is very heavy.

Flip the Switch and Test

The last step is to switch the power back on and test the connections. The new fixture should light up right away. And, now you know how to do it, you can fill your home with beautiful products from the Elstead Lighting collection, like this Rigby Pendant. Or, you can switch things up a little and invest in a contemporary table lamp or a classic chandelier. In the unlikely event that the fixture does not work first time, you probably need to change the fuse.