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As the year draws to a close and the summer nights start to wane, it is time to consider the best ways to keep your home bright, warm, and welcoming. It is now known that the human brain find short days and dark evenings quite draining, which is why many of us feel much more tired at work in the winter than we do in the summer months.

To keep your mind at peak performance and your spirits high in the run up to the festive season, invest in top quality lighting solutions for your home. For example, if the rooms in your home are quite small, opt for wide coverage ‘up lights,’ which can be affixed to the wall and used to inject light into a space without the need for floor lamps. Or, if you have high ceilings, why not tie the room together with a beautiful Franklite chandelier?

These handy tips and tricks for winter lighting will help you to make sure that your home stays well lit as the end of the year approaches.

Inspect Light Fixtures

It is a good idea, just before the days start to get really cold, to have a quick look at the light fixtures around your home, particularly those outside. If any of the bulbs need changing or the fittings are cracked, it is going to be much easier to replace or repair them now than it is in the rain and wind of November or December time.

Always Shop for Quality

Whilst it can be tempting to pick up budget shades and wall fixtures, if you are going to invest in lighting solutions which are designed to be ‘permanent,’ you need to shop carefully. You might save a few pounds, but a budget sconce, flush fitting, or chandelier bracket could end up damaging the wall or ceiling. The best chandelier fixtures – like this Tzarina 9 Light Flush Ceiling Chandelier from Franklite – have been carefully weighted to create the perfect balance between function and design.

Consider Low Bulbs

If you are worried about rising energy costs, you can always turn to eco-friendly lighting solutions. For instance, rather than fitting a chandelier, you could keep things simple and opt for a low energy fixture like this Lucera 4 Light Low Energy Pendant. It hangs suspended, so that more light can be spread about the space. It is minimalistic, elegant, and contemporary. During the darker months of the year, it is important to substitute natural light for alternative light sources, so use low energy bulbs rather than skimping on light fixtures.

How to Prepare Your Home for winter

We all have our little rituals and traditions when it comes to marking the transition between autumn and winter. There are some homeowners who take the opportunity to clean out wood burning fireplaces and usher in Christmas with a roaring hearth. There are others who simply draw the curtains earlier. This year, make the transition easier with top quality chandeliers, up lights, table lamps, and much more from Abbeygate Lighting.