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The pendant light has long been a popular choice with style conscious homeowners looking to make a statement. It might not be as traditional as a chandelier or a standard ceiling fixture. It might not give you that same clean and minimalistic vibe created by recessed ‘can’ fittings, which slot right into the roof. However, what a pendant light can do is mould itself to your personal taste and style.

The great thing about pendant lighting is that it can be modern, traditional, quirky, or classic. In fact, it can be anything that you want. Its design is a lot more flexible than spot, recessed, table, and ceiling lights, because it hangs freely from a long chain, rod, or cable. This does mean that the space has to be tall enough to accommodate a pendant, but if it is, you can start enjoying true lighting perfection today.

This guide to some of the best ways to use pendant lighting in your home will give you some ideas and help kickstart your creativity.

Hallways and Entry Spaces

There are few things as aesthetically pleasing as a tall ceiling in a well decorated hallway, complemented by a carefully positioned pendant fixture. In this kind of space, it is useful to have soft lighting, but it cannot be too soft. You need plenty of light, so that you can easily store coats, remove shoes, hurry inside with shopping bags, or usher in guests. This sleek Axel 6 Light Pendant, from the Dar Lighting collection, is ideal. It hangs low like a pendant, but provides no fewer than six individual light sources.

The Dining Room

The dining room is another space which needs that subtle balance between softness and practicality. Whilst nobody really wants to eat at a washed out table, bathed in clinical light, it is bound to be just as unappealing if guests cannot see their food at all. The trick is to opt for a pendant light with a lot of lumens and little glare. So, look for a product either with a completely open shade or a fairly wide one, so that the light is distributed evenly. The Dar Lighting collection, at Abbeygate Lighting, has plenty of great choices.

On the Staircase

Once again, if you have quite tall ceilings, pendant lighting is an easy way to fill the broad space with light, without also making it look washed out. In fact, the ‘pooled’ look can work really well on staircases, as long your fixtures provide enough light to navigate safely after sundown. The best way to enhance tall staircases is to place open (or partially open) pendant shades at various spots along its length. For a good example, check out this contemporary Boda Pendant from the Dar Lighting collection.

Task Lighting

Pendant fixtures make surprisingly good task lights. They may look very aesthetically orientated, but they are very practical too. The kitchen is the perfect place to indulge a love for ‘spotlight’ style pendants; fixtures with a low hanging cable or chain and a wide bottomed shade. These products can pool bright light in precise places, which is useful in kitchens, over countertops and sideboards. If you are feeling bold, you could try installing a row of high quality pendant lights over a kitchen island or peninsula.