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As the seasons change and autumn becomes winter, the mood in our homes grows increasingly important. The short days and dark mornings can be a real strain on the senses at this time of year and the lack of natural light makes it difficult for our bodies to adjust. This is why great indoor lighting can have a huge impact on emotional wellbeing.

If you find yourself feeling cranky and counting away the days until spring, it could be time to invest in some beautiful lighting solutions for your home. Why not turn a flair for interior decorating into a challenge to create the perfect mood in every room? At Abbeygate Lighting, you can browse a huge selection of fixtures and fittings, designed to fit every kind of space.

These handy tips and tricks will help you learn how to create the right mood, in every room of your home, using nothing more than light.

Spot Lights Create Ambience

Whilst it is true that using spot lights and recessed down lights in restricted spaces can make rooms look even smaller, if you have plenty of space, they are a great way to create a warm and cosy mood. This gorgeously designed Brembo Round LV Light is simple, elegant, and understated. It would look particularly stylish set above a large dining table, because its narrow focus brings bigger spaces together with a pool of gentle illumination.

Start Collecting Table Lamps

This truly unique Ammonite Table Lamp, from the Artisan Collection by David Hunt, is so much more than a lamp. It is something that you will want to point out to your friends when they come round for dinner. It is intriguing, flawlessly put together, and guaranteed to add interest and warmth to a room on those cold winter evenings. There are scores of beautiful table lamps available from the David Hunt range, so start collecting today and give your home some flair.

Invest in a Flawless Floor Lamp

The quickest and easiest way to create a miniature space, within a space (a reading nook, for example), is to give the area its own kind of light and mood. You can do this by adding a majestic floor lamp, in a style which suits the kind of atmosphere which you are trying to create. If you place it directly behind a comfortable armchair, you have a personal space which is warm, cosy, and inventing. Once you are done with it and ready to re-join the room, you can simply switch off your floor lamp.

Always Use Your Personality

If it is a unique mood that you are trying to create, do not be afraid to inject a little personality into your choices. The Artisan Collection, from David Hunt, is particularly good for this, because it has been designed with an old world style in mind. It speaks of timeless wood cabins, open fires, and stately homes. Whilst there are a few rules of thumb to consider when decorating large and smaller spaces (you should always shop to scale), the magic ingredient really is your unique personality and spirit.

Make Time for Natural Light

On those rare occasions that a winter afternoon throws up a little natural sunlight, do not forget to invite it indoors. During the winter, you will have to rely mostly on artificial light, so make the most of the sun when it does appear. You can swap out heavy drapes and curtains for lighter fabrics at this time of the year, so that as much natural light is allowed to enter as possible. It is unlikely that lighter fabrics will disrupt your sleep, because the winter days grow dark before most of us hit the hay anyway..