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TERRARIUMS ARE AVAILABLE FOR COLLECTION – contact your local branch for more details

One of the best ways to bring a touch of greenery into your home is with glass terrariums. Terrarium plants are easy to care for, look great in any setting, and are a compact way of keeping varieties of plants that may not be native to your area. Closed terrariums are an effective way to get creative with a bit of amateur horticulture especially if you have no outdoor garden. Here at Abbeygate Lighting, we have a wide range of terrariums that will enhance the décor of any home. Take a look at our terrarium products below.

Our Terrarium Products

Our Forest range of terrariums from Green Factory is an excellent addition to any home and comes in a range of container sizes. Designed by Noam Levy, the creator of Green Factory, each terrarium is handmade in Parisian workshops and features an entirely self-contained ecosystem within its closed environment. This range of closed terrariums contains a small Ficus microcarpa, a Polyscia or a Fittonia along with a side plant, mosses, soil, and gravel.

Thanks to photosynthesis, these plants will thrive with little maintenance other than the occasional watering a few times a year. Our Forest range comes in the following models: Forest High in a conical shape with a hand-shaped cork stopper, Forest Moon in a globe shape ranging from medium size to extra-large, Forest Small in an oval glass container, and the Forest XL in a large, conical shape.

In addition to our Forest range, we also offer the Jurassic Lab terrarium range from Green Factory. Like the Forest range, each terrarium from the Jurassic Lab range is handmade in Parisian workshops using traditional methods and contains a Ficus macrocarpa and a side plant along with mosses, gravel, and soil. This terrarium thrives independently within its closed environment with little maintenance needed other than the occasional watering. Sizes for the Jurassic Lab range from medium to extra-large, and each comes in an oval shape.

Abbeygate Lighting

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