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    Types Of Stairwell Lights to Choose From

    The type of railing and staircase you have will point you in the right direction for which type of lights are best for you. Long stairwell chandeliers look amazing as the main feature of a stairwell. If the central area is empty or you have a winding staircase, this should be your first choice. Flush mounted stairwell ceiling lights are perfect if you have a low or false ceiling as they exude a soft, cosy, and warm feel. If you want a solution that acts as a centrepiece, you should check out our range of pendant lighting. Drop and cluster pendants are ideal if you have high ceilings, and they are also practical and light up your stairwell beautifully. Single pendant lights are a good choice for smaller stairwells.


    The Perfect Lights to Suit Your Style

    Modern homes have many options when it comes to stairwell lighting. LED lights are a popular choice and come in a wide range of colours for a contemporary feel, whereas flush mounted lights are a good option for vaulted ceilings. You can create a modern or traditional look depending on the style you are aiming for. If you are after a more classic look, nothing beats large stairwell chandeliers. There are so many styles to choose from, and they are an instant attention grabber. You have several options with a high vaulted ceiling or a large landing. Recessed lights work well and give a modern minimalist look, or you can go down the feature route and opt for a long drop pendant light.


    Benefits of Choosing Feature Stairwell Lighting

    Your stairway is the main entrance to the next floor of your home, and how you light this area says a lot about you. Adding the right feature light to your stairwell is a great way to showcase your style. Feature lighting is not just about illuminating your staircase; the right feature can create drama and exude elegance. Alternatively, you can choose a smaller size drop pendant design if you want to have a more traditional look. When we think about interior design, we often neglect the humble stairwell, but it is an incredibly important part of your home.


    Feature stairwell lighting can set the tone and mood of your home before you even arrive on the landing, and our wide range of products at Abbeygate Lighting will help you find the perfect solution for your home today.