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Investing in Nautical Lighting for Your Bathroom

The best bathroom designs are timeless. They combine classic accessories with practical features to provide the perfect balance between function and form. Yet, even the best designs need to be flexible too. Your bathroom should respond well to tweaks and updates so that you can keep enhancing it over the years.

Choosing the right lighting is an important part of this process because beautiful light fixtures and fittings can transform a room. Nautical-themed lighting is particularly well suited to the bathroom, as water lies at the heart of both. It is sleek, stylish, and diverse; you could opt for a clean and modern look or a more rustic, traditional vibe.

This handy guide to decorating with nautical-themed light fixtures will help you bring a little bit of the marina into your bathroom.

Shopping for Nautical Shapes

The first thing to think about is what kind of shape you want your bathroom light fittings to be. There are lots of different types of nautical shapes and shade; from large oval bulkhead lamps to wheelhouse fixtures, flush lamps, oval ship bulkhead lamps, and more. If you’re not sure which style or shape is best for your bathroom, head down to a showroom and ask the experts for some advice.

For instance, check out this gorgeous Wheelhouse Wall Lamp, from the Limehouse Lamp Company. It is made out of solid brass and its rustic, antique style is reminiscent of the hanging lamps on sprawling sea vessels. The wide, open shade makes this lamp a perfect choice for the bathroom because it’s soft, but not too delicate to serve as task lighting too.

Learn to Love Low Maintenance

As nautical-themed lighting can often appear to be more fragile than it is, due to its antique appeal, many homeowners assume that it is difficult to maintain. Fortunately, this doesn’t have to be the case. You can invest in bulkhead lamps and nautical-style pendants that are easy to clean, simple to maintain, and delightful to keep in the house.

This Solid Brass Pagoda Pendant, from the Limehouse Lamp Company, can be hung in minutes. If installed in the bathroom, it will need to be polished regularly, but the durable materials will stay strong even in this unique environment. Brass is tough, sturdy, and long-lasting if cared for correctly; it will last many years with only the minimum of maintenance.

Embracing Quirky Features

Once you’ve picked out the perfect nautical-themed light fixtures for your bathroom, you can further enhance them by adding other quirky accessories. For example, swap out conventional soap holders for natural sea shells. They’ll introduce a little personality and character, while also complementing the nautical theme and giving your bathroom a unique touch.

If you want to usher in a sense of the sea, team brass light fixtures with nautical greens, blues, and greys. Keep your colour palette soft, cool, and calming. You don’t have to go all out aquatic, but the tones should be fluid and natural; they should speak of fresh air, gently rolling waves and ocean views. Steer clear or anything too strong or jarring like bright yellows or oranges.