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Illuminate Your Life with Lighting Tips from the Experts

You do not need to be an interior designer to know how to put together a room which feels comfortable, attractive, and enjoyable to spend time in. Whilst some of us have more of a natural talent for combining colours and bringing together different styles than others, most people can create interior spaces which suit their lifestyle.

The job of lighting a home, however, can be a very different story. It is surprisingly easy to get this aspect of interior design wrong because lighting is something which should not be static. It needs to flow and shift alongside the movements of a home. It should be dynamic, responsive, and able to meet a range of changing requirements.

It is a common mistake to pick the same kind of lighting for every room in the house, but this is not the way to achieve flawless interior design. This guide to some of the most important lighting tips from the experts will help you master the basics of superb lighting design.

Always Keep Function in Mind

This is perhaps the most important tip of all and the one which homeowners forget the most often. You can have the most beautiful lighting scheme in the world, but if it does not fit the requirements of the room, it is not going to be functional. For example, this truly gorgeous Adagio De Luxe Light, from the Grok lighting collection, is ideal for use in a kitchen or a bathroom, where lots of illumination is needed. However, it is likely to be far too bright for a bedroom or a lounge.

Treat Dining Room Lights with Care

If you spend a lot of time in your dining room (with both family and friends), it is worth taking the time to shop for the perfect designer light fixtures. The Grok lighting collection, from Abbeygate Lighting, is the first place you should look because it offers some of the most unique and contemporary styles on the market. The rule of thumb for dining rooms is to make sure that you do not bathe the space in bright light. Whilst there needs to be enough illumination for you to see your dinner, overly harsh light is likely to ruin the atmosphere.

Experiment with Low Hanging Light

This bold and beautiful Umbrella Pendant, from the Grok lighting collection, is both unusual and highly functional. It would suit a small to medium-sized dining room because it offers a lot of illumination, but the light is directed in just one spot. So, instead of bathing a room which needs to be cosy and comfortable in harsh light, the pendant gently directs warm light into the centre of the room and then outwards. It can do this because it hangs away from the ceiling. The only thing to keep in mind with a low-hanging pendant light is the height of the room; this product may not be suitable for short ceilings.

Arrange Table Lamps Properly

The table lamp is one of the quickest and easiest ways to add extra lighting to a room, without also having to fuss around with ceiling screws and supporting fixtures. However, if you place too many table lamps in one room (or too many lamps close together), you run the risk of making the space feel overcrowded. For smaller rooms, two table lamps are usually enough and they should be carefully placed, so that they provide both beauty and function. For example, a pretty table lamp can work wonders positioned just behind a reading nook.