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How to Use Lighting to Make a Small Room Feel Larger

Making a small room appear larger is a common problem for many homeowners. However, there are plenty of lighting tricks that can help to make a room look and feel more spacious.  Lighting is a key to opening up a small space.

Recessed lighting

Recessed lighting can be a perfect solution for a small room. It will make a room feel bigger without taking up any space. Recessed lighting refers to a light fitting that is installed into the ceiling or within a hollow opening. It is visually appealing and ideal for smaller spaces. This style of lighting provides large amounts of light without taking up any space at all. This style of light fitting is also one of the most eco-friendly lighting options and will therefore also save you money.

Spotlights are another excellent space-saving lighting choice and are extremely popular. Most homes have spotlights in one or more rooms, and if you are trying to add light and open up a small space, this could offer the perfect option. Also, spotlights placed within a shelving unit are a great solution for lighting a small area without taking up any room.

Raise the eye

Placing lighting fixtures higher up within a smaller room will give an illusion of more space. This creates a vertical path of vision. The eye is more likely to look up and down rather than horizontally which makes the space appear larger. This can be achieved by adding taller lamps, overhead lighting and also wall lights. This will take focus away from the width of the room by focusing upwards.

Hanging lights

Hanging lights are a brilliant solution for small kitchens or even within a corner of a room. A hanging light above a kitchen or dining room table or over a kitchen island will not only save space but will also capitalise on the raise-the-eye solution by forcing the line of vision upwards. Pendant lights also add personality to a room. They illuminate a large area without taking up too much space.

Take advantage of existing light

Another trick to making a room appear bigger is to make the most of any natural daylight. Natural lighting can instantly make a room feel much more spacious. Mirrors will also give an illusion of space within a smaller room. They reflect any existing light, helping to illuminate the space. Skylights and solar tubes are other natural alternative solutions for adding light to a smaller room.

Other solutions

Top-down lighting will pool all the light in one area. Instead, try to use several small lamps to help spread the light around the space and draw focus around the room.

Another option is a Torchiere light, which is a tall floor lamp with a bowl-shaped glass. The bowl diffuses the light and directs it upwards. This style of light bounces light off the ceiling and back down and around the room.