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How to Enhance Nautical Décor with Brass Lanterns

Over the last decade, nautical décor has taken off in a big way and not just throughout holiday homes and cabins by the shore. Now, many homeowners are choosing to inject a little bit of the mystery of the sea into their interior design choices.

One of the most effective ways to do this is with beautiful brass light fixtures, particularly lanterns and bulkhead lights. Brass is a material that is not just sturdy and hard-wearing, it is also impeccably stylish. With its artful imperfections and deep, earthy tone, brass can bring sophistication to any home.

If you are redecorating and would love to incorporate some nautical features, the collection from Limehouse Lamp Company is a great place to start. This guide to decorating with brass lanterns will give you some tips on how to do it successfully.

Learn to Love the Imitation

While it is certainly not impossible to get hold of antique brass lanterns, there are lots of disadvantages to going authentic. Aside from the huge expense, you also have maintenance and care to consider. Who wants to be tiptoeing around a fragile antique when they could be enjoying all of the same visual appeal, sturdiness, and beauty with an imitation piece?

There are some truly remarkable imitation light fixtures on the market these days. Check out this amazing Balmoral Top Mount lantern, from the Limehouse Lamp Company. It is made out of solid brass and looks every bit the original, though it costs a fraction of the price. With top-quality brass fixtures, age is just a number.

A Stylish Marriage of Brass and Sea

When it comes to creating a nautical theme, brass lanterns are a great choice because they used to be a standard feature of old ships. Bulkhead fixtures were just as popular and they still give off a strong sense of the sea today. This Oval Ships Bulkhead, from the Limehouse Lamp Company, is designed to look characteristically weather-beaten, with all of the rough charms of the waves etched onto its surface.

The classic lantern look is a little more familiar. It has a tapered frame, which grows narrower at the bottom. The typical brass lantern contains a glass container and it is in here that a candle would traditionally sit. These days, many brass lanterns are created with imitation candles, powered by electricity.

Choose a Reputable Supplier

Even if you are not splashing out on a genuine antique, the best quality brass lanterns still need to come with a guarantee of integrity. This kind of fixture should be made out of solid brass (if not, this should be made clear), be treated and finished to an immaculate standard, and come with a promise of quality.

Fortunately, this is not something that you have to worry about if you choose a reputable vendor or supplier. If you are new to interior decorating or need a little guidance, browse through some of the testimonials left by former customers once you do find a suitable supplier. These reviews should tell you a lot about the company and the products that they provide.