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How Do I Pick the Perfect Ceiling Light For My Bedroom?

Your bedroom is a space that should look and feel perfect. It should be an environment which soothes and relaxes you, particularly after a hard day. While elegant décor and beautiful furniture are important, you can’t create the right mood without great lighting. Fortunately, ceiling lights come in all kinds of different shapes and sizes and they are the perfect choice for the bedroom.

It is important to think about how you want the light in your bedroom to behave. For instance, is there a need for task-based lighting or would you prefer to keep things soft and diffused? In most homes, a combination of ceiling and freestanding light is recommended, but it is the ceiling fixtures that have the biggest impact. So, you should shop carefully for yours.

This guide to picking the perfect ceiling light will help you create a bedroom that is as relaxing as it is stylish.

Pendant Vs Flush Mount

According to the experts at the Limehouse Lamp Company, the most popular types of ceiling light for the bedroom are pendant and flush mount fixtures. The pendant hangs low from the ceiling via a chain or cord. It usually has a broad, downward-facing shade which spreads light throughout the room. However, as it is not close to the ceiling, the light may be pooled in one area. This is why it is particularly suitable for task-based functions like reading.

The flush mount is also a suitable option, but it sits either on or very close (semi-flush) to the ceiling. The shade can face either upwards or downwards, but the most light is provided when the fixture is downward facing. On the other hand, lots of people prefer to have softer illumination in the bedroom, so a shade that restricts its spread may be a good choice. If you have low ceilings, it is always best to pick a flush or semi-flush fixture.

Perfect for Rustic Bedrooms: Pagoda Solid Brass Pendant from the Limehouse Lamp Company.

Perfect Positioning

It is easy to assume that the best place for a ceiling light is right in the centre of the bedroom. This isn’t necessarily the case, however. Unless your furniture is laid out in a very symmetrical manner, it is likely to look a little wonky, even if it isn’t. This is because most spaces have a focal point and this is where the eye is drawn to and expects to find the light. So, keep this in mind when positioning hanging pendant lights.

Place them in the centre of the most important visual feature in the room. For most people, this means directly over the bed. On the other hand, you may be thinking about installing multiple small spotlights. They are a very effective form of task lighting. You may want to combine them with a softer lamp or decorative wall lights so that you can switch between different moods and functionalities.

Perfect for Romantic Bedrooms: Biba Deco Table Lamp from the Julianna range.

Dual Function Lighting

If you want to guarantee great value for money, you could invest in a dual-function ceiling light and fan. These fixtures are a lot more elegant than you might expect. The mechanisms are sleek and stylish, rather than overly bulky. You’ll barely be able to tell that it is a fan at all. Only the pull cord will give it away as anything but a beautiful bedroom light.

Plus, you’ll stay cool right the way through the summer months. All you have to do to reverse the function and make the fun push warm air down into the room, instead of pushing it out, is reverse the settings and have it running in a clockwise direction. If you are planning to install a combination ceiling light and fan, it is a good idea to measure the space underneath first. That way, you’ll be sure to pick a fixture that is high enough above your bed and head.

Perfect for Cool Bedrooms: Palm Chocolate Brown Ceiling Fan from the Fantasia Collection.

For more help and advice on picking the perfect ceiling lights for your bedroom, click here to visit Abbeygate Lighting. Here, you can browse a broad range of light fixtures and fittings from the Limehouse Lamp Company and other collections.