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How can lighting affect your mood?

Many of us are aware that our five senses greatly influence how we think and feel. When it comes to sight in particular, different types and colours of light have been proven to have varying effects on our brains – influencing our thoughts and behaviours as a consequence. Throughout history, different colours have been related to various emotions – now science has backed up these colour theories to help us decide what sort of light we’d like to be surrounded by in our daily lives. Here we’ve explored just a few colours and hues and discovered how they can positively (and negatively!) influence the look and feel of a room.

Blue light                

Most of us might not think we have blue light in our homes – but actually, this is a term used to describe a certain type of light often emitted by electronic devices such as smartphones, televisions and computer screens. Some lighting fixtures also emit this type of light, especially LED lights – it’s bright and clear like the type used in office buildings. The problem with blue light is too much of it – especially at night – can disturb our circadian rhythm – the complex system our bodies use to help us to sleep properly. Sleep hormones like melatonin are disrupted by large amounts of this light late at night – so it’s good to switch off electrical devices and use soft lighting around bedtime.

Warm, ambient light

Soft, warm light is inviting and comforting. Often described as ‘cosy’, this light mimics candlelight or firelight and creates an ambient atmosphere in any room. This sort of light can have a calming, relaxing effect on the brain – but it’s probably not best for working, as it’s not quite bright enough and can cause strain on the eyes.

Coloured lights

Different types (and various brightness) of light can affect our mood and health – but did you know that different colours of light can also influence us psychologically and emotionally? Colour carries meaning for us – and research has shown that whilst cold people prefer warm colours – oranges, browns, yellows and pinks, warm people prefer blue, green and purple hues. Red and pink light has been shown to have beneficial psychological properties – whilst bright white or blue lighting can sometimes hurt the mood. Spas often use soft, ambient ever-changing lights to create a feeling of depth and tranquillity.

Whatever type or colour of lighting is your preference, take a look at our fabulous range and choose whatever colour suits your mood!