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Hints and Tips on Shopping for Ceiling Mounted Lighting

Ceiling mounted light fixtures are a common sight in all kinds of properties. They make a great choice for family homes, because they provide an effective balance between style and practicality. Plus, as they are installed up high, on the ceiling, they rarely get damaged and are kept safe from young children and pets. Ceiling mounted lighting comes in a huge variety of designs, shapes, and colours, so it is easy to find fixtures that match your home.

However, there are a few things that you need to consider before investing in a ceiling mounted fixture. The height of the room is the most important, because you need a shade that is wide enough to provide lots of illumination, but not so big that it interferes with movement. In homes with very low ceilings, this type of lighting option isn’t always suitable, so make sure that you shop for products that are compatible with the space.

Keep reading for more hints and tips on shopping for ceiling mounted light fixtures like the ones available from the Elstead Lighting collection, at Abbeygate Lighting.

Getting the Height Right

The first thing that you need to consider is the height of the room where you intend to install your ceiling light. For very tall ceilings (over eight foot high), it is best to opt for a fixture with a chain or hanging length, so that enough illumination reaches the space below. This elegant Lattice Pendant, from the Elstead Lighting range, is a great example. The shade is wide and hangs from a sturdy pole, so that even very tall rooms are effectively brightened.

On the other hand, if the ceiling is shorter than eight foot, a flush mount might be a better option. In smaller rooms, ceiling lights should not extend too far into the space below. If this happens, the light will be distributed less evenly; it may be brighter in one spot and darker in the corners. Plus, there’s more risk of damage if a ceiling mounted light hangs perilously close to passing heads. Flush mounts also eradicate glare on computer and television screens.

Finding a Design That You Love

The next thing that should be thinking about is style. Luckily, this is the fun part, because there are thousands of ceiling mounted designs to choose from. The best way to find one that perfectly matches your home is to have a look around the space and pick out some of your favourite accent features. For instance, is there a particular colour that you love and would like to incorporate into your fixture or shade? Pick out an accent shade and then emphasise it by including it in your choice of pendant or flush mount shade.

Have you got quirky door handles or a grand fireplace that can inspire your choice of ceiling light design? Do you prefer modern and minimalistic styles or something a little more classic? These are the questions that you should ask yourself when shopping for high quality ceiling mount lighting, whether online or in store. This exquisite Leila 3 Light Chandelier manages to combine a traditional chandelier interior with a more modern sunflower shade.