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Designing a dining room which can be used by the whole family is key to your home. Meal times can be a fun and important part of the day and making a room suitable for everyone is vital. To be able to enjoy each other’s company, make use of the space you have and check out these following ideas and tips:

Make Use of the Space Wisely

However large or small a room you have to use as a dining room, creating the layout so it is functional and practical is important. Think carefully about how many chairs you need and what size table is best for you. If you have guests over but don’t have the room for a long table, buying one that can extend can help maximize space. If you have toddlers, remember to make room for highchairs. If you tend to relax after dinner and chat then think about creating a corner dining area so you can lay back and relax after eating. Is your family messy at mealtimes? Think tiles and washable seat covers! At the end of the day when you sit down for a meal, it shouldn’t be stressful so consider how and why you use your dining room the most to make the most out of it. 

Dining Room Lighting

The lighting in the dining room is just as important as the lighting elsewhere. If you want to have quiet dinners without the children you’ll want the lighting to be romantic and low-beam. If you do arts and crafts at your dining table then think of various lighting options that you can use when you need them. Take into consideration the amount of natural light you get as well from windows and ask yourself, do you need that many light fittings? You can really change the atmosphere of a dining area just by using lights. Walls lights give off a relaxed feel, chandeliers hold a luxurious, rich feel and lights that can be dimmed can create whichever effect you want. You don’t need to go overboard with lighting either so think carefully when making your choice. 

Storage in the Dining Room

Think about what you store in your dining room. Is it a place that acts as a living room too? Do you store your books and videos in one place? Sometimes it is nice to be able to switch off the TV and turn off the world outside and enjoy a meal with your loved ones. Think about creating the space so it is not cluttered with washing, toys, clothes and other various things that you really don’t need in your dining space. Create it so it is modern and simple but is still homely. Think about some nifty options like having storage boxes that aren’t seen or storage areas under a seating option. Keep spare forks, knives and cups at hand so you don’t need to keep rushing to the kitchen when you need them. Think wisely and your dining room could be turned into a fun and funky space that the whole family will love.