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As an approved UK distributor of Fantasia Ceiling Fans, Abbeygate Lighting offers a wide range of ceiling fans that not only keep customers cool, but are stylish, energy saving and have low running costs.

The benefit of a ceiling fan is that it moves air.  On a warm day, the hot air rises and warms the upper levels of a room.  The blades of the ceiling fan move air around, blending the interior temperatures so that the hot air does not accumulate in one area.

To maximize the effectiveness of this air flow, homeowners feeling hot under the collar should make sure fan blades rotate in a counter-clockwise direction in the summer to create a wind-chill effect. This air movement will be detected by the hair follicles on your body and register this as a cooling sensation. This doesn’t mean you will see a change in your thermostat reading, but your environment will feel cooler.

The majority of Fantasia Ceiling Fans have a reverse direction setting, and changing the direction in the winter to a clockwise direction will re-circulate the air trapped at ceiling level, providing a warming sensation. This is important to change with each season or you could be inadvertently reducing your fan’s effectiveness. Used correctly, a ceiling fan can save as much as 10% on energy bills during winter months. It is important to remember that it is more relaxing and efficient to run a larger fan on a slower speed than a smaller fan on a high speed.

Conservatories often reach very high temperatures during the summer months and a 36 inch ceiling fan will not be sufficient to affect the build up of heat that a conservatory creates.  Abbeygate Lighting recommends a 52 inch ceiling fan in these circumstances.

Customers should consider whether they also require lights.  The height of a room is also important, if installing a ceiling fan in the apex of a multi faceted conservatory roof, it is essential to ensure that the blade tips are at least 40cm clear of the nearest roof slope. Otherwise a circulating air pattern is set up between the bottom and top surfaces of the blades, resulting in no pressure differential and hence very little downward movement of air.

Many of the fans are fitted flush for lower ceilings and virtually all can be lengthened using drop-rods and conversion kits.  There is also the option to install a wall control to operate your fan or perhaps a remote control.

Over the last 25 years, Abbeygate Lighting has found Fantasia Ceiling Fans to be of exceptional quality and excellent value for money. We installed a 52 inch Classic ceiling fan over 20 years ago in one of our stores, which is in constant use, and to this day the fan is still runs as silent as the day it was installed.