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Brighten Up Dark Corners With A Feature Wall

These days, the ‘feature wall’ reigns supreme in cool and contemporary design homes up and down the country. The days of all-over patterned wallpaper, mismatched lighting solutions, and slapdash paint jobs are over – it is time to embrace asymmetric layouts, splashes of colour, and standout spaces. Fortunately, it is easier than ever to light up those dark corners and make your home shine with a feature wall and beautiful Dar lighting solutions.

If you are trying to create an attractive feature wall in your home or apartment, the best approach is to match your colours with your choice of wall lighting fixtures. For instance, if you are working with quite warm tones like red, orange, or pink, opt for fixtures and fittings which have a similarly warm hue or experiment with tinted bulbs. The general rule of thumb here is that it is always better to have too much light than too little, so pick your fixtures carefully.

This guide to creating a cool and contemporary feature wall in your home will help you learn how to use wall lighting to make a statement.

Create a Design First

The temptation is to rush into interior design projects like this without creating a proper plan first. However, if you do not take some time to map out where you want your lighting fixtures to be, you will end up with not a feature wall, but just a collection of mismatched hues, tones, and objects. Even if you are keen to experiment and place wall sconces or up lights at asymmetric heights, you need to make marks on the walls as a record of where you want them to be affixed – then you can arrange furniture or artwork around them.

Consider the Furniture

If the planned feature or accent wall is to be created in a living or entertainment space, the television set will likely be the focal point. If you do not own a television, you can pick any wall to be an accent feature. However, television owners will need to choose a wall which can be aligned with sofas, coffee tables, and any other piece of furniture you might need for a comfy night in front of the box. This makes the placement of lighting fixtures even more important. For a minimalistic look, try an elegant Zola Double Wall Light from Dar Lighting.

Use Diverse Lighting

The best way to make your feature wall look as amazing as possible is to marry design and function. In other words, shop for lighting fixtures based on the type of space which you are trying to create. If you are putting together a relaxing office area, it could be a good idea to invest in top-quality table or floor lamps, as opposed to lots of very bright and clinical fixtures. Or, play around with a combination of spot and table lights – this Domain Table Lamp is the perfect addition to a modern office.