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5 Great Ways to Improve the Lighting in Your Apartment

There are lots of benefits to living in a flat or an apartment. For a start, they tend to be much simpler to take care of than houses – they are smaller, easier to clean, and they do not cost as much to light and heat. If you are young, they can offer you a sense of independence and space without the demands of a full property. If you are older, they are a great way to take the stress out of getting around.

Yet, there is one major downside to living in an apartment and it is that, ordinarily, they are darker than regular houses. They do not have as many windows, so they let a lot less light in. The good news is that this can be remedied with the use of top-quality light fixtures and fittings; from the finest Dar lighting solutions to the swankiest spotlights, ceiling lights, chandeliers, floor lamps, and pendants.

This guide to the top five ways to improve the lighting in your apartment will help you make the right choices and get your home feeling warm and inviting.

Scaling It Out

As apartments tend to be limited as far as space goes, it is important to think about scale when choosing things like floor lamps and chandeliers. If you live in quite a small space and invest in a sprawling ceiling light, you run the risk of making it look even tinier. However, if you pick up something understated and simple, like this Hemisphere Pendant Ceiling Light, you will get the right balance between style and scale.

Avoid Spot Lights

Whilst spotlights and wall sconces can be very attractive, if used in small areas, they are likely to make the room look even more restricted. This is because they pool light, rather than spread it like up light fixtures or hanging pendants do. If you are trying to make a little bit of space go a long way, opt for fixtures which make a statement, but still direct as much light as possible into the room itself.

Picking Your Shades

As light-coloured shades transmit more light than brightly coloured ones, it is best to stick with paler accessories when decorating an apartment. This does not mean that you should shy away from colour entirely, but it does mean keeping in mind the fact that bold reds, blacks, purples, and blues are going to visually narrow the space. If you want your Dar lighting fixtures to shine, invest in warm cream, tan, lilac, or even pastel-yellow coloured shades.

Awkward Corners

There are bound to be some spaces in your apartment that are either shaped a little strange or somehow seem trickier to light than others; we all have that one room, hallway, or nook which feels dark and unloved because it is hard to find the right lighting fixtures for it. For a hallway in an apartment, you are going to want something understated and simple (because there will not be much space), like this Radius Wall Washer from Dar Lighting.

Getting Reflective

If you have browsed through the broad selection of fixtures and fittings we offer here at Abbeygate Lighting and you have invested in several top-quality lighting solutions, but your apartment still looks a little dark and dingy, there is a way to maximise the available light. You just have to place a few large mirrors in every room which you would like to make look bigger. If you then place a floor lamp close to the mirrors, the glass will reflect the light and make the space appear significantly more roomy and vast.

To find out more about how you can make your apartment look larger with top-of-the-line Dar lighting fixtures and fittings or to shop for beautiful ceiling lights and other products why not browse through our online lighting shop or visit your pop into your nearest Abbeygate Lighting store today?