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There are lots of compelling reasons to invest in a high-quality floor lamp for your bedroom, lounge, or office. Unlike table lamps, they are freestanding and tall, so they throw a lot of light out into the room. They are great as both task and mood illumination, as they come in a lot of different shapes, sizes, and styles.

Most homeowners place floor lamps in the corner of the room, but you can position yours behind a favourite armchair, as a reading light, or next to a treasured piece of art or a photo frame. When shopping for new light fixtures, it is important to know what you’re looking for; you’ve got to be able to distinguish between all of the distinct styles to make the right purchase.

This handy guide to some of the most common types of floor lamp will help you pick the perfect one for your home.

The Club Lamp

The Club lamp is a very popular style because it is striking without being overly dramatic or ostentatious. This makes it easy to match with all kinds of different furniture and décor. It provides a lot of illumination and it has a very basic pole formation. So, the frame is just a straight up and down ‘stick,’ with the shade perched at the top. Many club lamps have adjustable heads that allow for the bulb to be moved upwards and downwards.

This exquisite SL214 LED Floor Lamp is a good example of a club lamp that is modern, quirky, and minimalistic.

The Arc Lamp

This style looks exactly as it sounds. Unlike the SL214 LED Floor Lamp, it has a stand that extends upwards (and is usually quite thin), but then curves into an arc shape. The shade usually hangs downwards off the end. This means that it is better off in a spacious room. The base needs to be positioned slightly away from where you want the illumination because the arc extends further than the stand. Arc lamps make great reading lamps if you don’t place them too close a chair or desk.

This Dynamo Chrome Floor Lamp is a wonderful example of an arc lamp that is very classic and feels like a genuine antique.

The Torchiere Lamp

The torchiere style is popular because it is quite slender. It doesn’t take up a lot of room, which means that it is ideal for homes that are short on space but abundant in design flair. The shade is perched at the top of a tall stand, but the key to the style is that it doesn’t extend out much further than the width of the base. Torchiere lamps are quite narrow and can be easily tucked behind armchairs, bedside tables, cabinets, and office desks.

This elegant Torchiere Floor Uplighter would make a great addition to a room decorated with rich gold, red, or bronze tones.

The Tower Lamp

The tower style describes any kind of floor lamp that also doubles up as a decorative object. So, while it’s not inaccurate to say that all beautiful floor lamps are decorative, towers might even be mistaken for purely decorative objects when the light isn’t in use. They are usually quite tall, with a mostly vertical stand, but this can be shaped in lots of different ways. It might curve and undulate, like wave formations, or it could be two poles with a bulb suspended in the centre.

Check out this unique 6 Light Duna Floor Lamp for a bit of inspiration when browsing for your new fixture.

For more hints and tips on finding the perfect floor lamp, click here to visit Abbeygate Lighting today. Here, you can browse the website and check out the Franklite lighting collection and a host of other great brands and product lines.