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4 Great Table Lamp Styles and How to Use Them

It is often said that lighting can make or break a room. Yet, as homeowners, we are so used to thinking about light as something static and fixed – it is either there or it isn’t – that we often miss the best opportunities to integrate it into our decor. It is a mistake to treat light fixtures and fittings as secondary objects; they should be carefully selected and used to enhance a space. The classic table lamp is a good example of how light can be fluid and flexible. With smaller, more portable fixtures, it is possible to create a space within a space. For instance, think about a reading nook or desk area, in the corner of a bedroom or lounge. The smaller space is not always going to be enhanced by the same kind of lighting as the broader room, but individual table lamps can produce similarly individual moods.
This guide to the best ways to use Dar lighting and Dar table lamps to invoke personality and character into your home will help you to make the most out of high-quality lighting solutions.

The Gourd Lamp

The classic gourd design is defined by a curved and bulbous base; sometimes featuring one round shape and sometimes several, much like a plant gourd. This beautiful Hazel Touch lamp, from the Dar lighting collection, is a good example of the style. It is a very popular design, particularly when it comes to fixtures made out of colourful ceramic and glass components. These lamps look great on bedside cabinets or positioned in pairs around a sofa.

The Candlestick Lamp

As with the gourd lamp, the shape of the candlestick table lamp is easy to guess at. These fixtures feature a long thin middle, resembling a candlestick, and they add sophistication and class to interior spaces. Whilst they are a little more formal than other designs, they work rather well in dining rooms and offices. This elegant Beau Touch lamp is available in either antique brass or satin chrome. It is the perfect accompaniment to a small library or sitting room.

The Pharmacy Lamp

The pharmacy lamp is a name which is used to refer to a very familiar table lamp style. It is usually seen in offices and libraries because it has three hinges and can be bent in three places. This means that it is a lot more flexible than standard table lamps. If you are working closely on a document, studying a computer screen, or reading a book, it can be instantly adjusted to provide the maximum amount of light. This stylish Ranger desk lamp, from the Dar Lighting collection, is modern, minimalistic, and effortlessly cool.

The Novelty Lamp

The term ‘novelty’ here does not mean silly or absurd, but experimental. It is used to describe table lamp designs which do not fit the norm, like this funky Dar lighting Greyhound table lamp. It is unusual, unique, and highly distinctive, but still stylish and great at creating a cosy atmosphere within large and small spaces. If you are keen to decorate your room in the most characteristic way possible, select your lighting solutions so that they match a general theme, colour palette, or decor style. The general rule of novelty lamps, however, is less is more; stick with just one or two in a single room.