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It can be tricky picking out suitable lighting solutions when you live in a studio apartment or a house with restricted space. If you choose fixtures which are too bulky or hang too low, you can end up with living areas which feel more cramped than it does cosy. Whilst homeowners in larger properties can invest in intricate chandeliers and low hanging pendants, shopping to scale is very important for smaller homes.

Yet, this does not mean that you cannot enjoy all of the elegance and class of fancy chandeliers and beautifully crafted frames and bulbs – you just have to shop a little more carefully. In fact, close to ceiling lights offer the ideal solution and the Franklite range is filled with them. If you take a look at the Studio Collection from Franklite, you will find scores of gorgeous flush and semi-flush light fixtures.

This guide to four great reasons why you should choose close to ceiling light fixtures for your studio apartment or small home will help you to understand how this kind of solution offers all of the aesthetic value, for half the space.

Decorating Small Spaces

If you are trying to decorate a room with a ceiling height of eight feet or less, the best option really is a close to ceiling fixture – otherwise, you could risk bumping your head on the shade. You do not have to worry about this kind of lighting solution offering less illumination or lower quality light, because products like this Protea 3 Light Fixture from the Franklite range are gorgeously designed, with spokes which project the light out and downwards into the room.

Getting That Soft Glow

The close to ceiling fixture is ideal for creating a warm and cosy glow. So, whilst you might not want to install this kind of lighting solution in a kitchen (which needs to be lit very brightly), it is perfect for generating a comfortable atmosphere in lounges, dining rooms, bedrooms, and entertaining spaces. The selection of close to ceiling fixtures we offer at Abbeygate Lighting is vast, so you should have no trouble finding the right one for you. The Franklite range has a wonderful variety of products in its Studio Collection – start shopping for a bargain today.

Flush Vs Semi Flush

If you are really struggling for space, you can opt for a fully flush close to ceiling fixture. This is a lighting solution which sits directly on the ceiling itself, so that as little space is used as possible. The majority of modern close to ceiling fixtures are semi flush; they sit 4-8 inches below the ceiling. Clearly, the choice that you make will depend on the height of the room. The good news is that there are just as many beautiful flush lights as they are semi flush ones; for example, take a look at this colourful Kami Flush Mount from the Franklite range.

Measuring the Space

The height of a ceiling is often linked to the age of the property, with older properties tending to have higher ceilings. If you are not quite sure how tall the room is or what kind of close to ceiling fixture you might need, the height above the door frame can be used as a rough estimate.

To find out more about fitting close to ceiling light fixtures in studio apartments and small homes why not pop in to your nearest Abbeygate Lighting store or browse a varied selection of flush and semi flush lighting solutions online today.