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Whilst most homeowners spend a lot of time and care thinking about the lighting fixtures inside their houses, less time tends to be spent considering outdoor light fittings. Yet, they can make a huge difference to the level of safety on porches and in gardens. They can boost night time security and give you extra reassurance during the dark months of winter.

They are also great as an aesthetic design feature. We are not as used to thinking about lighting solutions as decoration for the outdoors, but if you like to enjoy dinners and other social gatherings in the garden during summer, you could benefit from a handful of well-placed low energy lamps or wall lanterns.

This guide to four of the most effective uses of outdoor lighting will help you to see the advantages of illuminating your garden.

Guiding the Way

With the finest Elstead lighting solutions, you can create an outdoor display which lights up the neighbourhood. This is really easy to achieve and, as well as looking very attractive, it sheds light on all of those tricky corners, dips, and elevations around your property. The next time that you need to stop and fumble for your house keys, it does not have to be in the dark. Plus, with increased illumination, there is a lesser risk of falls. For slightly older homeowners, outdoor lighting really is an essential for safety purposes.

Low Energy, No Fuss

Whilst there are plenty of elegant Elstead Lighting solutions which can add a touch of class and sophistication to any garden, your choice of outdoor light fitting does not have to involve a lengthy installation. There are scores of great LED products, like this Fusion6 Ground Light, which do not require intensive DIY, because they come with extended power cables. They can be positioned in the garden and hooked up to the main supply in whatever way you see fit. Plus, many of the outdoor products available from Elstead Lighting have been designed to use as little energy as possible, so they are kind to your utility bills as well.

Making a Focal Point

If you are looking for a simple and effective way to illuminate a favourite tree or flower bed, you could always use pillar fixtures, like this Valencia V4 Pillar, to create an outdoor focal point. With a few of these stylish illuminations around, your horticultural handiwork will get the attention it deserves, even after the sun has gone down. However, you should make sure that the wattage is appropriate first – the last thing that you want is a complaint from the neighbours because they cannot get to sleep at night.

Increasing Your Safety

One of the biggest and most obvious advantages of using Elstead Lighting solutions to illuminate your garden and the areas around your home is the fact it offers increased security. If you invest in a motion sensing light fixture, you will not only be able to tell at a glance whether somebody is moving about your property, there is a much greater chance of scaring them off if their intentions are sinister. It is important to remember that cats are the most common culprit for setting off motion detectors, so keep this in mind when shopping for outdoor light fixtures.